Monday, 7 March 2016

Tactica 2016 Review (1) - Some excellent tables!

For the 11th time now in Hamburg the Tactica wargaming show took place. Last weekend wargamers from more or less whole Europe gathered there and enjoyed the hobby we all have in common. A lot of clubs came by and presented some really exciting games. Wonderful table everywhere around and a couple of excellent traders who exposed alluring things for sale. And of course it was once again a perfect place to meat old friends and make some new. So I met Teemu a nice guy from Finnland who played our games at least during the last three years, made the wonderful acquaintance of Nick aka. Moiterei1984, met some fellows from Berlin and Antwerp which I knew from earlier shows and of course was able to chat with some jolly good chaps from England who made the jump over the channel again. Actually the chance to meat all those fellows makes Tactica so precious for me and is the real icing on the cake.

In a later post I'll cover the game we brought to Hamburg (a skirmish during the 1801 fightings in Egypt) but now let me start with a selection of those excellent table the other clubs brought:
Königgrätz 1866 - Frankfurter Partisanen (Grand Tactical Rules)
The Prussian Command
Wolsung - Warehouse Games
15mm Battlegroup 'Hell's Highway'
Helm's Deep
Hero Quest 3D
Skeletons and Goblins
6mm Battle of Shilo
Union troops
Late Romans (Triumph & Tragedy)
One Leader...
... and the other one.
1/1200 harbour of Carthago
15mm Asterix
15mm DBA Rome
Japanese SAGA (Tactica)
League of Augsburg
Lucky Luke (Dead Man's Hand)
Great Hall SAGA
Human Torso - Dice Knights Berlin
Besides those splendid table there was a refuge of art on this year's Tactica. In one of the smaller rooms on the first floor the 'Pigment Piraten' made their camp. There they presented some splendid pieces of art and some extraordinarily well painted figures:

Besides that those skillful and nice chaps organised a couple of workshops. Actually timetables covering both days of the convention. Unfortunately I didn't find the time to follow all the interesting lectures but at least those two I heard were excellent: Profound on the one hand and easy to understand on the other hand. I really hope that those boys will follow their way and offer some more lessons on Tactica 2017!

As you see Tactica 2016 was once again a splendid show. Definitely worth a visit to watch all those excellent table and meeat some old and new friends there. This year I had the great pleasure to make Nick's acquaintance who should be well-known from his blog 'Moiterei's bunte Welt'. A really pleasant chap from Franconia who's acquaintance alone was worth the trip. Besides that a lot of old friends droped by at Tactica and it was wonderful to see each and every one of them. Honestly I hesitate to start dropping names because I'm afraid not to mention all of them...

Anyway this was part 1 of my review. In a couple of days part two will follow which will cover our own games. Especially the one I contributed a humble part in: The Battle of Disuq - A Napoleonic skirmish game with the 'Lion & Eagle' rules (version of 'Lion Rampant').


  1. Seems like it was a very nice event once again! Some great looking tables. That Samurai Saga table especially is very impressive.

  2. Some fantastic looking games Stefan! Anymore photos of the 1/1200 harbour of Rome,that looks fantastic!

    1. The harbour was a gaming board a couple was years ago. This year only a exhibition piece for the Rome theme room.

      But yes... Very impressive!

    2. A new period Ray? Great pictures Stefan!

  3. Great photos. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a fabulous event Stefan, looking forward to your game now!

    1. Thanks a lot, Michael.
      Actually I prepared the post yesterday. It'll be online later today or tomorrow morning.

  5. Lovely, lovely looking tables!


    1. Yes, all the clubs brought extraordinary stuff.

  6. That's some awesome tables. Very nice painted miniatures as well. cheers

  7. Those were some really fantastic looking games! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. Those were some really fantastic looking games! Sounds like a lot of fun.