Saturday, 26 March 2016

Paint Table Saturday - Horses everywhere

Hobbywise last week was rather average. Although our preparations for Easter took a certain amount of time, I managed to finish my AWI Saratoga artillery piece. Anyway I haven't taken pictures until now so its presentation must wait a couple of days.
Meanwhile my trustful airbrush entered the stage again and I prepared a couple of horses for a kind of workshop I'll be visiting next weekend. A friend of mine asked me to come along to do some painting and he'll show me his way of painting horses. It has something to do with oil paints and sponges. Hopefully that helps me overcome my reluctance against painting horses. That would help me a lot since I'm a great fan of mounted troops...
However I'll keep you on the loop how it comes together. Until then enjoy the weekend and have a happy and blessed Easter!


  1. Looking forward to hearing of your exploits with the oil technique, which I have heard of but never tried. Wishing you and the family a very happy Easter.

  2. Happy Easter Stefan, good work as well!

  3. I have heard that the oil paints and sponge wipe method is a very fast and effective way of painting horses, although I have never tried this myself. Will be interesting to hear your reviews of this.
    Happy Easter to you and your family Stefan.

  4. Happy Easter Stefan! And that are some nice horses! I presume that these are 28 mm?