Sunday, 24 July 2016

Zombicide: Black Plague - Lucas

After a week of sweltering heat I braced myself up to write at least some humble line about one of the figures I painted while I was offline:
... one of the survivors for Black Plague

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Birthday passed and online again

Luckily the issue with my laptop wasn't insolvable. After some careful treatment I was able too restore power supply. Thus I can gladly fill this blog with posts again...
However yesterday I had the doubtful pleasure to accomplish another year of age. We spend a wonderful day at with the family at Schloss Burg near Wuppertal and visited the castle museum. Not too profound for enthusiasts like us but nevertheless a very interesting place for curious children like our two girls.
Afterwards we had some friends for dinner and a exiting game of Zombicide: Black Plague. The game gave us some great hours again although we finally perished in the surge of zombies. Really a splendid day which sweetened the pill of aging!

On top of this some generous souls felt obliged to enrich my birthday with interesting presents. Some of those game more or less hobby related:

Many thanks to all who passed their wished the modern, digital way on Facebook or via email. I appreciate each and every of your messages and honestly they really made my day!