Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Ships of the Desert

A couple of years ago Iron Duke released some wonderful sets with camels, elephants, pieces of load and other useful bits and pieces to bring a table to life. Thus on Tactica I bought a couple of these camels from Empress and they've been lying on the lead pile for a while now. Finally last week I found the time to paint them:
The figures are of excellent quality. The sculpts and nice and detailed and the casting is superb. Literally I didn't have to clean any flash.
This time I combined Citadel Contrast Paints for the basic fur colour and the red blanket and Vallejo Model Colors for the other parts and the highlights. Afterall I'm pretty happy with my first camels. Later there's loaf to come and maybe more camels for the Camel Korps as part of the Gordon release expedition. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Sedantag, 150th anniversary: Kaiser Wilhelm I.

In view of the occasion I painted a miniature that had been resting on my lead pile for a couple of years. It's a wonderful incarnation of Kaiser Wilhelm I. which was sculpted by Alan Perry as a special miniature for Tactica 2016. I'm not sure whether I'll ever need him on table but it was a great figure to paint.

On the underlying picture by German painter Wilhelm Camphausen both uniform and coat appear to have the same nearly black colour. Nevertheless I decided to give my Kaiser some more play of colours. So I opted for the classic Prussian blue for the uniform and a rather greyish-blue tone for the coat. The figure is painted with Vallejo Model colours and some Citadel contrast paints here and there.

I hope you like it.