Thursday, 27 October 2016

Mechanized Infantry (Panzergrenadiers) for 'Team Yankee'

Last year Battlefront released ist WW3 ruleset 'Team Yankee'. Actually a very interesting background for me since it's a scenario I grew up with. Being a child of the 80s I remember the last years of the Cold War rather well. Partly from my own experience and memory and partly from my history and politic lessons in school. But I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon too early since my greatest doubt was how large T.Y. would grow. Not too surprisingly I was waiting for German troops rather then US or Sowjets.
The whole PzGrenZg (Mechanized Infantry Platoon)

Monday, 24 October 2016

Reviewing 'The Men who would be Kings' - A NWF game

Having finished my twelve men of the 66th Regiment of Foot I was eagerly waiting to give them their first appearance on the battlefield. Finally last Friday their time came when my wargaming fellow Michael and me gathered for a test match of 'The Men who would be Kings' the new colonial ruleset by Daniel Mersey who is well known for his '[...] Rampant' series. To get into the rules we decided to play a simple scenario with two of the recommended field forces from the appendix of the rulebook. Thus we fieled the following 24 pts.:
The battlefield showing Michael's wonderful terrain pieces.
British attackers (yours truly):
3x 12 Men regular infantry @ 6 pts. each
8 Men refular cavalry @ 6pts.

Afghan defenders (Michael):
2x 16 Men tribal infantry @ 3 pts. each
1x 12 Men irregular infantry @ 4 pts. each
1x 12 Men irregular infantry upgraded as sharpshooters @ 6 pts.
1x 10 Men irregular cavalry @  3 pts.
1x Poorly trained gun @ 4 pts.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

66th Rgt. of Foot finished... For now.

A while ago I presented a review of the British infantry plastics for 1877-1885 by Perry Miniatures and my first painted figures from the set (here). As some of you might remember I wanted to have a unit of those splendid figures painted as members of the 66th Regiment of Foot that fought a heroic battle near Maiwand on 27th July 1880. So here we go:

Monday, 10 October 2016

Sharp Practise AWI - Our first introduction game...

As you know the musket era is one of the main hobby theme on my humble workbench. Starting from the Seven Years War the conflicts of British Redcoats during the 18th and 19th century have been keeping my interest since I started wargaming about three decades ago. My very first figures during those happy days at primary school were a couple of boxes of Italeri plastics for the battle of Waterloo and the idea of highly disciplined scarlet coated soldiers never fell off of me.

Unfortunately as you know I'm a lousily slow painter and there's no chance for me to gather larger armies for all those interesting theatres of war. Nevertheless those marvellous shiny figures from those well known companies are a constant seduction.

Thus I had been looking for a blackpowder skirmish system for a while when I stumpled over 'Sharp Practice 2' when I was published earlier this year. There was a very interesting review in Wargames Illustrated #XXX and the TooFatLardies aired a couple of interesting introduction videos on the Youtube channel.

So I gathered a few club fellows of mine and we decided to give the rules a go. A couple of weeks ago our first AWI battle took place in which we decided to use the most basic rules only to find an easy way into the unusual command mechanics of the game.

We took the rather simple first scenario of the rulebook: A kind of meating engagement. 

Really a simple game with two more or less equally rated forces to try out the basic rules. So we fielded two basic lists from the rulebook.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Back again...

My honest apologies for such a long time of absence. Unfortunately during the last couple of weeks hobby time was rare and precious. Some 'real life distractions' caught my attention. Our elder one, Viktoria, had her first weeks at school and developed a new sporting passion:
Actually really good thing but they needed pretty much organizational work. Besides Anna started autumn season with a couple of days of flu and fever. Rather unpleasant...

Due to this I tried to keep things on the workbench running but didn't find or take the time to prepare things for the blog. Please excuse leaving you alone for these weeks. Most probably the lack of contributions is bearable but I'm sorry to have missed the excellent content you provided.

Anyway during the last days I wrote some lines about two games of Sharp Practice 2 and a SAGA match I had lately and finally my preparations for the 300K raffle are coming to a close. Besides I'm working on a Napoleonic vignette for a dear friend of mine, some NWF figures for The Men who would be Kings, stuff for our Aboukir game and a top secret 15mm distraction... So actually enough stuff to fill a lot of posts. I hope to be able to fulfill my and especially your expectations...