Monday, 10 December 2018

9th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.... I'm in!

Nearly a years has passed with no noticebly activity on this blog. So actually there are two possible ways for 2019:

Monty, get off your backside and bring up content again!


Desert your colours and delete the whole thing!

To be hontest I've been really undecided what to do. But when I visited Crisis last month I met a couple of the finest wargaming fellows again and was reminded of the circumstances of our acqaintance namely the bloggo-sphere. Thus I realised that I'm not able and willing to throw this all away. 2019 I'll give it another go and try to get back on track.

To support that I decided to throw my hat in the ring of Curt's ingenious yearly painting challenge again:

Last year I skipped the challenge but this time I was lucky enough that Curt reserved a slot for me and welcomed prodigal son with open arms. I enroled with my usual 500 pts and I'm curious whether I'll be able to fulfill that goal. Currently my plans are as follows:
  1. Bring forth my ACW project for Tactica 2019 in Hamburg
  2. Paint the ships from the Cruel Seas starter set
  3. Pass as many bonus rounds as possible
So #1 is already running of course but several pieces of artillery and a couple of command vignettes are to be painted during the AHPC season.

#2 must take its place behind #1 but is seductive beyond comparison. Currently I'm still waiting for my set to arrive but I'm confidant that the postman will drop it on my dorstep today or tomorrow. Additionally the play through video by Warlord Games looks stunning and I cannot wait to lay my hands on those nice little ships and lead them into battle. But our ACW presentation in Hamburg must stay at top priority.

#3 will depend on my progress with #1 and #2. For some topics I'm on a good way but for some I have no idea what to contribute. The ideas:
  1. Reconnaissance -- No real idea yet. Maybe a pair of AT-RT-Walker for Star Wars Legion
  2. Sport -- Perhaps a six man team for Blitz Bowl
  3. Mercenary -- No real idea yet.
  4. Water Feature -- Cruel Seas
  5. Fellowship -- I have a couple of Holmes/Watson-Sets. Maybe one of those.
That's it for now. I'm looking forward to the AHPC. If you haven't taken notice of it yet please have a look at Curt's page. It's packed with sublime contribution from former years and it'll get lots of new input as soon as the next challenge starts. On midnight of December 21st it's time!

Last but not least the link to the Cruel Seas video I mentioned earlier:

It's nearly 80 minutes with designer Richard Carlisle and Warlord Charlie Monaghan playing one of the default scenarios from the basic rulebook. It's packed with explanations and inshore action. Frankly I cannot wait to get my copy.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

This blog needs a doctor... John Watson at your service!

It's far too long since I posted some lines here. Maybe a last attempt to bring this blog to live again...

At Tactica 2018 some fellows and me presented a participation game featuring the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War. To decorate the battlefield we wanted some vignette which lead me to the humble piece.

Since I've already added a detachment of the 66th Regiment of Foot (the unlucky Berkshire regiment) it was a no-brainer that I had to add Dr Watson as well (in the introduction of "A Study in Scarlet" it's mentioned that Watson served with the 66th and was wounded during the battle of Maiwand).

The vignette is based on the excellent hospital set which Perry Miniatures have in their Sudan range. After consulting a couple of reference books and an interesting conversation with sculptor Michael Perry who is very studied regarding the mentioned conflict I realized that the only real hindrance might be the helmets and the characteristic puggree. Luckily in their NWF plastic set there is an officer’s head with a cap bearing a 66 (for the 66th Regiment) which I put on Watson’s body after removing the given pit helmet. Although the neck looks a bit strange I’m rather satisfied with my humble conversion work.

The stretcher bearer who's standing by had the puggree just grinded away slightly. Then I painted it khaki to resemble the helmets with the iconic covers.

As usual I employed mostly Vallejo Model colours as well as the splendid set of skin colours Wargames Foundry is offering. Finally I added a coat of matt varnish and a couple of grass tufts and a couple of pieces of clump foliage.


Monday, 1 January 2018