Friday, 20 January 2017

28th for Aboukir: First sestet done

This time it's really late that I throw my hat into the ring during our painting challenge but actually I've been hoping to be able to present my interpretation of the 28th Regiment of Foot at Aboukir as a whole. However currently I'm somehow smack in the middle and the deadline for the mandatory first post is coming closer. Thus I have to bring some fellows of the unfinished unit before your critical eyes:
So these are the first five men for the centre companies of the 28th Regiment of Foot during their mission in Egypt in 1801. The figure are actually pieces from the Napoleonic plastics the Perry twin are producing but I severely converted them with parts from several other boxes and some greenstuff. This was of course work from before the challenge but in case that you're interested in it have a look at this post here.

However I decided to go for a rather late version of the uniform worn at Aboukir. For that reason the soldiers are wearing those whitish overalls over their breeches and gaiters. On the one hand I found a picture of this kind of dress in the Osprey book about Napoleon's campaign in Egypt and on the other hand I wanted some figures reusable for the later Peninsular campaign. For that I'll create an alternative command group but have the remaining 21 figures versatile.
Anyway we'll need those chaps for our presentation game at Tactica show in February so I have my hands full with painting them. In addition I'm planning to have a version of the unit on board of a landing craft. A bunch of work for a slow painter like me...
Anyway I hope you like those first impressions. Unfortunately I too those pictures before finishing the bases and didn't find to take new ones during the last days. But upon my word I covered them with sand and painted and highlighted them with three shades of sandy colours.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Thanks to 'Santa Clause' and 'Secret Santa'

It was the third year in a row that I participates in the 'Secret Santa' and 'Santa Clause' ventures and once again I received a couple of nice gifts myself. Many thanks to Chris Stoesen as well as to Ian and Cath Willey for organising it again!

From the first Santa I received a nice scratch built barn mainly for my AWI games but more or less suitable for any period from the 18th century. It's an excellent choice because I'm a poor terrain builder equally uninspired and lazy.

The gift from the other project was a box of 15mm figures for Team Yankee. It's a German anti-aircraft infantry unit with 'Fliegerfaust' ground-to-air missile launchers. Together with those generous gifts from Mrs Monty (another Fliegerfaust unit and a Jaguar tank hunter platoon) a splendid addition to my Bunderwehr force.


Sunday, 1 January 2017

A happy new year!

A happy new year! To you and your dears health, luck and all the very best for 2017!