Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Curtgeld - Oberst Kurt Steiner from 'The Eagles has landed'

As usual I've been keeping one of the most important entries of the painting challenge for last:

The entry fee 'Curtgeld' miniature

Last but not least a couple of twins:
Both version of Col. Steiner side by side

It's Warlord Games's interpretation of Oberst Kurt Steiner which some of you might know from the classic war film 'The Eagle has landed'. In this movie Sir Michael Caine plays the German Fallschirmjäger colonel who gets the order to kidnap or kill Winston Churchill during a secret mission behind enemy lines. He and his fellow soldiers jump off over Britain and try to get hold of the Prime Minister while he's spending some time in the county.
Since a couple of fellows and me want to play this story as a Bolt Action scenario I wanted to have the figure for my own and since Curt asked to have a 'Risk Taker' miniature as entrance fee (aka. 'Curtgeld') I decided to paint a second one right away.
Even for me it's quite difficult to distinguish both figures but the bases are slightly different. Although I chose the same material I set the foliage slightly different to prove that's really two versions of the same miniatures.
Anyway the figure itself is a very nice piece. Very good sculpting and a really crisp casting. Actually what I would expect from company that is on her way to claim a market-dominating role in our hobby.

As usual I employed Vallejo Model Colors as well as the Wargames Foundry skin sestet. Somehow I think the trousers and the cap should have been more bluish. Anyway I'm satisfied with my figure so I hope Curt is satisfied with his as well.

For those few who don't know the movie, here is the trailer:


  1. Great tribute. Love the movie and have the DVD. You've reminded me to watch it again.

  2. Very impressive, Stefan. I can certainly see Michael Caine's cool and haughty manner as Steiner in the way you painted that miniature. I saw that film as a teenager when it first came out and I remember it vividly. I am also very fond of it because it has a very young and lovely Jenny Agutter in it - you can see her looking older but still lovely in Captain America the Winter Soldier.
    Nicely done. I lost touch of the APC but I need to revisit how it all ended.

  3. Lovely job Stefan, one of my favourite Michael Caine movies.

  4. Lovely work Monty! Doppelganger in fact! Didn't Steiner have the British Khaki BD trousers on?

    1. Actually he did. At least in the movie. But the figure is wearing German boots without gaiters and the cut of his trousers looks rather German as well. So I decided to paint it this way...

  5. Outstanding job. Just ordered my figure. Hope I can do as well as you did.