Saturday, 5 March 2016

Paint Table Saturday - Navy, Artillery and Risk Takers

After a longish absence I told myself to come back to blogging more regularly. last year one of the embosomed habits of mine was the regular contribution to the 'Paint Table Saturday' group. So what could be better than coming back to that again.

Currently there are a couple of different project on my workbench:
The two chaps in the foreground are captains from Brigade Games wonderful range of Napoleonic British seamen. For now they'll top my collection off. There are a couple of seamen and gun crew to be painted but since they aren't bought yet I'll leave it with fourteen figures for now.
Behind them you see my piece for the 'Risk Taker' bonus round of Curt's painting challenge. I don't want to give too many hints but most of you should recognise that smuggler anyway. Actually he's finished already but he needs some varnish now.

Besides those I (finally) decided to paint my AWI British 6pdr gun and crew. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to finish them in time for the challenge but however it's time to get those chaps ready for action since I painted the limbered version nearly a year ago. Remember? Here.

Last but not least a couple of twins:
It's Warlord Games's interpretation of Oberst Kurt Steiner which some of you might know from the classic war film 'The Eagle has landed'. In this movie Sir Michael Caine plays the German Fallschirmjäger colonel who gets the order to kidnap or kill Winston Churchill during a secret mission behind enemy lines. He and his fellow soldiers jump off over Britain and try to get hold of the Prime Minister while he's spending some time in the county.
Since a couple of fellows and me want to play this story as a Bolt Action scenario I wanted to have the figure for my own and since Curt asked to have a 'Risk Taker' miniature as entrance fee (aka. 'Curtgeld') I decided to paint a second one right away.

That's it for now... Back to the desk...

Enjoy your weekend !


  1. Welcome back Stefan,
    Great flesh tones and the Steiner figures look spot on.

    1. Many thanks Pat.
      The skin colours are from Wargames Foundry's paint set.

  2. Great to have you bag to blogging more regularly and by the looks of things we ill have lots of treats in store!