Saturday, 12 March 2016

Paint Table Saturday: Final week of the painting challenge

Well then... It's Saturday again and because we'll spend the afternoon at my parents' on my fathers birthday party I'm rather early with giving a view onto my workbench. As you see the projects are more or less the same as the week before but some of the figures are finished now. Namely my entry for the 'Risc Taker' bonus round of the painting challenge, Oberst Kurt 'Curtgeld' Steiner and his twin as well as two Royal Navy captains from Brigade Games wonderful range. Unfortunately I cannot present those figures now since they haven't been in the challenge until now but next week I'll feature them.

Then after the painting challenge I'll have to tackle some half-finished things. Two of them are on the picture as well: The AWI artillery of course and those more modern chaps near the grips. At least the first sqaud has to be finished and then maybe a sixpounder antitank-gun to keep things going. This actually is most difficult because there are so many ongoing projects on my workbench and upcoming temptations: North-West Frontier, War of the Roses, Late WW1, WW2 Paras, Desert Rats, Napoleonics, AWI... It seems I need a better structure... Or I should isolate myself more to avoid distraction...

Anyway meanwhile I started a new round of photography experiments. Actually most of the time I'm struggling with illuminating my workpieces well to take good pictures. No background looks disturbing, white background darkens the miniatures in front, gradual bluish print went missing weeks ago. Unfortunately I don't have space for a permanent photo box. So I tried a medium light blue sheet of cardboard from my daughter's craft stuff. To illuminate the scene properly I took two lamps with I covered with tracing paper to make the light more diffus.

The results were pretty much alright but you have to be patient for a couple of days since I only photographed the Navy captains yesterday. So this is my prieview for next week. Additionally of course the finished miniatures I mentioned above and maybe a report of my visit of the 'Maritime Museum' during our journey to Hamburg.

For now that's it.
Enjoy your weekend !


  1. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of your new lighting/photography set-up. And the figures of course! :)

    Best wishes for the final week of madcappery :)

  2. Looking excellent Stefan! I feel your pain on all the distraction. In the end a man has to do what a man has to do though (i.e. buying new shiny things).