Friday, 27 February 2015

Tactica Part 2 - More awesome tables

Here we are for part 2 of my Tactica 2015 report. It seemed as there were even more visitors than the years before and all the presenters were well prepared. Thus around 10 o'clock on Saturday the show opened its gates:
Please queue here...
On the first floor there was a room especially for the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo and a lot of interesting stuff connected to this important battle:
A historic French helmet.
Ligny in 1/72 by Frank Becker
More Ligny.
Ligny again...
La Haye Sainte in 1/72.
The orchard.
And the inner area.
More French...
An awesome 28mm table covering the whole battle of Waterloo.
A really old-school wooden strategic board.
A British square in 1:1 ratio with 28mm miniatures
But besides the obvious connection to Waterloo there were a lot of other table well worth to be mentined:
Spanish Civil War in 28mm
Behind Omaha 20mm WW2 wargaming
A really awesome Dust Tactics board
A very nice crew...
WW1 with Bolt Action
Dropzone Commander
SAGA Crescent and Cross
A really nice Western game inside a suitcase
Robo Rally
Do you know the two yellow spectators?
Axles and Allois Deathrace
The French-Prussian War in 6mm
Well... Unfortunately I wasn't able to take good photos of each and every table but I picked the best of them and at least those table really turned out very well. Sorry for the tables I didn't present it was for most of them not for quality reasons.


  1. Fantastic stuff Stefan - thanks for sharing mate!

  2. Some wonderful looking games there Monty. Thanks!

  3. Cool pics Stefan. Love the Waterloo game and the British square!

  4. Really great looking games. Like the Deathrace and Robo Rally boards.

  5. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures!

  6. Fantastic selection of photo's Stefan, looks like an amazing day out!

  7. Some awesome looking games, thanks!

  8. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for posting.

  9. The magnificent series of pictures.
    Waterloo and these magnificent buildings, as well as battle in grainfield is a fabulous show.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. I'm green with envy. I've definitely to make sure to attend again next year. A shame to have missed all that.

  11. Some amazing tables Stefan, thank you for documenting them.

  12. My word they are amazing Stefan, thank you for sharing.

  13. Really impressive stuff there. Excellent!

  14. Hi fellows,

    many thanks for your kind replies. It was indeed a unique show with a lot of awesome tables and kind hobby fellows. Without any doubt worth a visit!
    Though I'm glad you like my humble report about it.