Monday, 16 February 2015

Contdown to Tactica - 5 days to go

Only five days to go until we leave toward Hamburg where the Tactica show will take place. Once again our club will join the presenters and deliver two participation games. On the one hand we're bringing a new scenario of our very own 1812 skirmish White Death and on the other hand we'll have a nice game of Squigghopper a dungeon race of squigg-mounted goblins.

This week I want to give a short preview of the two games starting with the latter:
And here's a leaflet we prepared (sorry, only German this time):

Have a look at Tactica's homepage for more pictures and a longer summary of Squigghopper (here) or a preview of the other excellent games presented there (here).

During the next days I'll deliver a preview for our 1812 game. And then... To Hamburg !


  1. Juchu, ich freu' mich schon. In diesem Jahr bin ich mit unserer Präsentation eigentlich schon durch, und hänge jetzt ein bisschen in der Luft. .. es ist ganz ungewohnt, nicht bis Freitag Abend die Nächte durch zu machen, um rechtzeitig fertig zu sein.

    Hoffentlich habe ich ein bisschen Zeit nebenbei, denn eine Runde Squigg-Rennen wollte ich dann doch schon gerne mitmachen. Bis Freitag!

    1. Klar, komm' gern vorbei !
      Ich selbst bin leider beim Squigghopper nicht dabei, weil ich viel mit White Death zu tun haben werde, aber es ist auf jedn Fall ein Ründchen wert. :-)

  2. Incredibly jealous that you're going to Tactica, you'll have to be the eyes and ears of all the unlucky ones like myself, who are not going. Look forward to some pics from the show.Good luck with the participation games, and hope you guys have a great time!

  3. Seems like you are going to host some great games again! That squigghopper game looks like a blast. With all these Tactica posts coming up I'm really starting to regret not going on the trip with my clubmates.

  4. Wish you guys the best of luck at Tactica. Unfortunately I won't be going after all.

  5. Ich bin wirklich neidisch... Am liebsten würde ich trotz allem vorbeikommen. Naja, nächstes Jahr wieder ;-) Geniess die Show und mach viele Bilder für uns daheim gebliebene.

  6. Have a fabulous time Stefan, I'm certainly looking forward to hearing all about it on your return.

  7. Looks like a fun game of bouncing angry fungus.

  8. Many thanks for your good wishes. I'll make sure to have a camera with me and take as many photos as possible. Undoubtlessly there'll be a lot of excellent tables visit.