Tuesday, 17 February 2015

4 Days to Tactica - Our White Death game

Four days until Tactica 2015 will open its gates in Hamburg. Time to look at the second game the THS club will present this year:

We'll bring a table which is nearly five metres long and that will represent the Berezina river in the middle and its Western and Eastern banks. There we'll offer two different scenarios taking place on...
28th November 1812
On both sides of Berezina river Russian troops gather to destroy the remains of Napoleon's Grande Armée. On the Western banks there are Polish and Swiss troops desperately trying to hold the ground until they receive support. Meanwhile on the Eastern banks Baden hussars and Hessian Chevoux-Legers ride forlon attacks to throw back the Russian troops of General Wittgenstein.

Scenario 1: Iron Men
During this scenario you players will slip into the role of the brave troops on the Western Banks of Berezina River. You'll have to hold the ground against a superiority of foes while there are the last French cuirassiers gathering under their courages generals Lhéritier and Doumerc.
It'll be your choice when to launch the attack but be careful to chose the right moment. Too early may cause a week attack since there are too few horsemen ready yet. Too late and you might have lost the chance to turn the tide...
Scenario 2: Death Charge
Here we'll lead you to the Eastern banks of Berezina River. Just the southern bridge collapsed under the weight of those countless fugitives. General Eblé's pioneers are working on it frenetically but simultaneously the Russians pile the pressure on the unfortunate French. Desperately the last mounted soldiers gather and form an unequal squadron: Some Hessian Chevaux-Leger, some Hessian Hussar, a couple of Polish Lancers, a bunch of Carabiniers and some shattered horsemen from Prussia and the Duchy of Berg. Even several mounted infantry officers gather around General Fournier and prepare for their Death Charge against the advancing Russians. You as players epitomise some of those brave and death-defying men. You'll have to defeat various waves of Russian attackers to cover your retreating comrades and to buy time to repair the bridge.
Will your sacrifice pay off?
Actually we'll try to run both scenarios more or less simultaneously but with certain time gaps to give us the chance to see something of the show ourselves. Unfortunately last year came of rather badly with that. Actually a games lasts about three hours but we'll try to shorten it here or there to adhere our apreciated participants not too long.

Anyway I'm really looking forward to the show and the games we'll play there. Feel free to come around, play a game with us or just have a look at the awesome board and the stunning collection of miniatures our fellow Bernhard brought together during the last years. The eagle-eyed of you might catch sight of the humble additions I made. Watch out for the miniatures on circular bases, these are mine.  ;-)


  1. That looks superb! An ambitious sounding table with two scenarios running at the same time, should be great fun Stefan.

  2. Seems like it'll be an interesting weekend with the scenarios! Finding time to look around the event when hosting a scenario always seems to difficult. Hard to leave when there's always so many people and interesting talks to be had

  3. Stunning images! They all look like museum displays. The scenarios for the games sound very interesting and well-thought out too.

  4. I would have loved to participate in your game !

  5. Wonderful, or a really nice/fine colors and landscaping
    Beautiful very successful winter scenery
    especially in the top two images are awesome

  6. Stunning, just bloody brilliant! Is this table going to be at Crisis this year?

  7. What a great event this promises to be! Make sure you take LOADS of photos Stefan.