Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Back to business: "Comedic" Bonus Round in the Painting Challenge

The Tactica show is over and I returned save and sound from an awesome trip with my THS wargaming fellows. Unfortunately I carried a cold from Hamburg which put me out of commission yesterday. So I wasn't able to sort and re-size all the pictures yet but I hope to have at least a couple of them ready tomorrow.

Anyway painting business is going on and while I'm much behind with my 750 points target I'm at least fulfilling part one of my plan and tackle all the bonus rounds. Last Saturday was the deadline for "comedic" and I entered a scratch built turn counter our 1812 games:
Since I started with the 1812 retreat topic I was pondering about Napoleonic snowmen. After I considered several possibilities for the comedic bonus round I decided to try my luck with building a funny scene or at least a scene with a twinkle in the eye. Somehow the scene didn’t turn out as funny as I wanted it but fortunately Curt accepted it anyway.
Centerpiece of the scene is a 50mm round base with two snowmen, a road sign to Paris and two frames for dice. It’s hopefully obvious who the smaller snowman is meant to represent. Anyway the frames are to place dice in as turn counters. Usually a game of White Death our custom 1812 ruleset lasts six turns but sometime a scenario might exceed that so I prepared two frames to be able to count to 12 if necessary. In front of the two snowman the creator seemed to have relieved himself with doubtful success...
The snowmen are about 28mm high (well… one of them less) and I made them out of greenstuff, glue and headgear from the Perry miniatures French infantry. The large base is by Warbases while the two single snowmen are mounted on 21mm coins. As usual I painted the figures with Vallejo Model Colors and finished them with corundum sand as snow and some static grass tufts.
Please don't forget to have a look at Curt's page and vote for your favourite entries of this bonus round:


  1. Great little scene :) Probably the best idea from all of the entries for the Comedy challenge.

  2. Excellent work and very funny esp the yellow snow

  3. ... die "gelbe Spur" hatte ich in Hamburg zuerst gar nicht gesehen.
    Hihihi ... der Brüller.
    cheers Holger

  4. That is funny, hope it does well for you


  5. Very nicely done - great idea and I do like to see unexpected terrain like this.

  6. Delightful stuff Monty - full of whimsy.

  7. Don't eat the yellow snow :)

    Nice work.

  8. Many thanks, chaps. I'm glad you like it.