Thursday, 26 February 2015

Tactica-Part 1 - Our tables and some special guests

Tactica 2015 was an awesome event. The show celebrated its 10th anniversary and the organisers got well deserved congratulations and presents from all around and everyone was in good mood. Thus it was a remarkable event in general but there were unique tables present as well.
During the two days I took far more than 100 pictures from which I'll present the best 50 here on the blog. But I'll split them into two posts: One today featuring the two games we brought to Hamburg and tomorrow or overmorrow some photos of the other tables.

So White Death to begin with:
After our game about Napoleon's retreat 1812  found a lot of recognition last year we decided to bring it again. Of course with a new table and new scenarios. This year we brought a 5m (about 15 ft.) table which represented Berezina River and its two banks:
Our table with a game running on the Eastern banks of Berezina River.
Looking westbound we installed a scene which showed the village Studjanka and the ersatz bridge the French built there. The streets of the village are absolutely overcrowded and dozens of stragglers were stupling towards the bridge. Actually this scene wasn't meant to be part of the game but it seemed to please the spectators very much:
Hopeless stragglers.
On the Western banks there was a small cottage around which the last French cuirassiers gathered. On this part of the table it was the players' mission to detain the Russian attackers of Admiral Chichagov to buy enough time to allow a successful cavalry charge.
French cuirassiers gathering...
During the two days of the convention we had about seven games so about two dozens of players were able to join us for a game. Most of them seemed to have enjoyed the rules we designed and literally all were riveted by the collection of material we brought to Hamburg. Most of it from Bernhard's unique collection but with some additions of our club fellows Heinz, Holger and Michael as well as from me.
The first game running...
One of the highlights of the show was Saturday afternoon. A nice couple from Nottingham joined us for a game and so I had the great pleasure to participate a game with Michael and Alan Perry. Two really ordinary, sober and incredibly nice guys. Honestly a great pleasure to meet them again after I made their acquaintance last year and a very good game that we played together:
Bernhard, the twins and me.
Bernhard explaining the scenario... Yet they are in the mood for joking...
While my forces advance on the right flank, Alan and Michael attack the Russian center and left wing.
Some reinforcements: The last of the allied light cavalry on their way to the "Death Charge"
But the Perrys didn't come lonely from the UK. They brought two equally kind comerades. Sculpting hero Aly Morrison and master painter Peter Dennis. Especially Aly proved his patience when he explained me what new range he is working on. A miniature range for French forces in the 1820s for what he called "the war nobody knows" - The Franco-Spanish War of 1823. In addition he brought some greens of additions to his Crimean War range:
Aly working in his 1823 range.
1820s French army greens
Crimean War Frenchmen
Along with those three sculpters came Peter Dennis the master painter who is responsible for a lot of cover arts on wargaming boxes and for some Osprey illustrations as well. He was busy and very focused on his work all the time but a nice and polite fellow anyway. It was fascinating to see his paintings come to life over the day and on Sunday morning I had the honour to serve as a model for him. Well... I only had to pretend to hold a pencil like a drumstick but a nice experience anyway.
Peter Dennis working on the cover art for the Perrys' next plastic box "British Napoleonic Light Dragoons"

Four artists working... Michael and Alan on their 54mm figures for the ANZAC / Turk project.
Painted samples of the new Perry War of the Roses light cavalry - Awesome!
And one of the sprues... Interesting options!
But besides those well known guys some celebrities from the Lead Adventure Forum showed up. Some of the well-known moderators showed up and granted us the unexpected pleasure to make their personal acquaintance:
Richard (Cpt. Blood) chatting with our club fellow Michael (Admiral Benbow)
Captain Blood brought some of his excellently painted miniatures and presented them in on of the glass cabinets in the entrance hall. Unfortunately the lighting was rather poor but it was difficult to avert my gaze from his colourful creations:

On Sunday my visit in Hamburg received its second highlight when the LAF boys showed up for the second time and obviously were a bit idle. So we set up another game of White Death spontaneously and the trio delivered itself up to the Russian forces coming from the West. Those pleasant-natured gentlemen were very patient with my humble English and my fainting voice and we spent some great time. As Professor Witchheimer last year and Admiral Benbow always these fellows appeared as very fair and pleasant players. It was awesome to make their personal acquaintance and to see once more were the edges of our virtual world are: No social network can completely replace a real game with real fellows and real dice.
Me in illustrious company: Dr. the Viking, Malamute and Cpt. Blood
But besides White Death our club brought a dungeon which inhabited a course for Squigghopper race. The awesome board was built by our club fellow Georg with Hirstarts castings and used an improved version of the Squigghopper rules Games Workshop published a couple of years ago.
The game was pure fun and more than 50 visitors joined Georg and Kalle for a game or two or even more. Through the grapewine I heard that already there were challenges declared and gauntlets thrown down for next year's Tactica show.
After all it was an awesome weekend with my wargaming friends and a lot of nice fellows showing up in Hamburg. It was one of the rare occasions to make new acquaintance or revive older ones. Thus I can't wait to set sail for Tactica 2016...

During the next days I'll post the pictures I took of other table. Some real outstanding pieces of art so stay tuned !


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures, they really capture the atmosphere of the Tactica show. Great to see it going from strength to strength, and there's still fond memory of the first show in 2006. If time finally permits again, I'm determined to visit next year for the 'real' 10th anniversary. Looking forward to what the THS might come up with then. :-)

  2. Thanks for taking the time to post these, it looks a great show and I may have to add it to my calendar although a 14hr drive may preclude bringing a game :)

  3. Yes, thanks for sharing these. I remember the white death game from my visit last year and I was already impressed then. Seems you managed to top it this year. Look forward to the next post as I think the quality of the tables presented at Tactica is outstanding

  4. I have to say your table looked fantastic in the flesh. Sadly I didn't get a chance to play but was happy watching the rest of my British compatriots roll a few dice.

    Fascinated to hear that the ice on the river was made of wax

    Great review

  5. You lucky bastard is the first thing that comes to mind! With such an amazing board it's no wonder the twins will be interested. Great selection of pictures too.

  6. Looks like it was an excellent event. Squighopper race looks like fun and the painted Perry plastic in the glass display case is inspirational.

  7. Enjoyable report and some fantastic pictures, Stefan!

  8. Hallo Stefan,
    entschuldige bitte, daß ich auf Deutsch schreibe, aber mein Schul-Englisch ist schon so lange her und nicht mehr so gut! Als Erstes ein großes Lob zu Deinem tollen Blog und dem interessanten Bericht zur Tactica! Ich wohne in Stuttgart und da war mir die Fahrt dann doch etwas zu weit, vielleicht nächstes Jahr mit einem längeren Hamburg Besuch! Ich hätte noch eine Frage: kannst Du mir sagen, wer der Hersteller dieser Brücke über die
    Beresina ist? Hast Du auch Erfahrung mit dem Beresina-Range von Maloma-Games (, sind diese Figuren eventuell mit den Perry's kompatibel?
    Kennst Du auch diesen KRYCELL 'ICE AND SNOW WASH' ( ?
    Dir und Deiner Familie ein schönes Wochende,
    mit herzlichen Grüßen

    1. Hallo Wolfgang,

      vielen Dank für das nette Lob und kein Problem. Deutsch verstehe ich ja auch... ;-)

      Den Hersteller der Brücke bringe ich in Erfahrung. Da es nicht meine ist, weiß ich das spontan leider nicht.

      Auf das Wash bin ich auch diese Woche aufmerksam geworden, habe es aber bisher noch nicht probiert. Mit 1812 bin ich persönlich im Moment auch bastlerisch durch, aber vielleicht mal für Winter War oder so...

      Danke für den Tipp mit der Malom-Range. So schlecht sehen die Figuren eigentlich gar nicht aus und könnten für noch mehr Abwechslung sorgen...

      Viele Grüße

  9. Hi chaps,

    many thanks for your kind comments. I'm glad you like my humble report,


  10. Hi Stefan ... would it be OK to use your photo of Alan and Michael Perry sculpting the Anzac figures on the official blog for that project?

    'wiedersehen ...

    Roly (Arteis)

    1. Hi Roly,

      actually no problem for me. I would only appreciate that you mention and link my blog as source of the picture.