Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Starting the march on Kandahar

The last two weeks were pretty quiet here. Actually too quiet which I really apologize. But somehow I didn't feel that there's too much worth be posted here. My workbench was still covered with stuff for the painting challenge but somehow I wasn't able to finish anything but the figures for the next bonus round.

After all here they are:
With these figures I'm starting my Victorian Middle-East project. The focus is the 2nd Anglo-Afghan war but I'll include some forces for a later Sudan campaign as well. More or less my idea to include as many miniatures from the stunning ranges by Perry, Artizan and Wargames Foundry without mustering three or four different armies.

Well, these figures are from the excellent Sudan range by Perry Miniatures. I chose a couple of British with Indian Service Dress which was worn in Afghanistan as well as in the Sudan. During the next months another bunch of those will follow as well as a couple of lancers as they all are on the Lead Mountain already.

As usual I used Vallejo Model Colors to paint these chaps. Many thanks to Mark Hargreaves for his priceless hints about the khaki uniforms. I are appropriate more or less.
This time the bases are really simple with some sand, some colour and a tuft of static grass here and there.
Please don't forget to head to Curt's page to vote for your favourite entries of this bonus round. I promise that there are a lot of pleasing entries which deserve your vote much more than my humble work.


  1. Very nice work! The added terrain in the photoshoot really brings them out nicely!

  2. Excellent. I am working on NW Frontier too at present but am a bit disappointed with the historical accuracy of the Artizan British compared with the Perry figures.

  3. These are pretty awesome Monty. Nice one.

  4. Its a lovely range the Perrys have got there and you've integrated them very nicely into this little vignette. Great starting point for your collection!

  5. Great looking troop and terrain backdrop

  6. They look terrific, Stefan, and I agree with DeanM, the terrain is fine, really makes your figures look great. This is a period I've long wanted to do.
    Great work, I'll be sure to vote in this Bonus Round.