Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Thor, the mighty God of thunder - Painting challenge bonus round "Myth"

For the next bonus theme during Curt's painting challenge I went into Nordic mythology and chose Odin’s mighty son to be my entry. Thor is one of the best known Nordic deities and has thunder and lightning at his disposal. I tried to catch a bit of his ferocity in this miniature.

The figure:
It’s a 40mm figure which was made by Wargames Foundry ages ago. Actually I wanted to have it for a Of Gods and Mortals warband but finally I mounted it on a large 60mm circular base which is probably too large to use it for playing. Anyway the figure is very well sculpted and excellently cast. There were a lot of fabulous details on it but on the other hand enough space to create freehands. I used my humble skills to try that on the cloake.

The colours:
As usual I employed Vallejo Model Coulors to paint Thor. For the choice of colours I drew my inspiration from pictures from old Marvel comics about the superhero Thor. I thought it might be a nice idea to connect the mythical figure with the modern superheroe. Anyway this time I didn’t use Armypainter Quickshade or something like that but built up every colour from three or more stages. For the coat I used five mixtures of different red tones to blend the folds smoothly. For the embroidery on the coat I used different shades of metal and non-metal colours to create an idea of ornament. Unfortunately I reached the limits of my skills there…
The base:
When I saw the figure with its blowing hair the idea of Thor standing on top of a mountain unleashing a mighty lightning storm came to my mind. Therefor I cut off the metal base just below his feet and mounted him on a pile of several pieces of slate. To accommodate all this stuff I chose a 60mm circular MDF base from the outstanding range of Warbases. After painting all the basing stuff I used a mixture of white paint and PVA glue to add corundum sand on the snowy spots. In addition I added some snowy static grass to complete the scene.

I dearly hope that you like my humble work because honestly it’s probably one of my best results so far.


  1. This was so good Stefan, the work in the cloak is a triumph!

  2. Hola
    Buena esa pintura y buena esa mini
    No la conocía,es una gran mini
    un saludo

  3. Man he looks good Stefan,
    Brilliant figure!!!

  4. A beautiful model! Great work.

  5. You did a fantastic job, Stephan. I haven't looked at all the Challenge entries very carefully, but this one certainly caught my eye. Definitely getting my vote! The colouring of the red cloak from behind is remarkable, as is the freehand decorations on the hem of the cloak. Bravo, maestro!

  6. Marvellous stuff Monty. He got my vote!

  7. Very impressive Monty, especially the careful grading of colors and highlights. With this, you have earned a seat in Valhalla :0)

  8. Awesome! The red of the tunic is stunning.

  9. Excellent take on Thor. Not to mention the fabulous basing too.

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  11. Stefan, your painting is getting better and better. That is amazing!!!
    Of course it wont help him - My celts with Cernunnos will still kick his ass! ;-)

  12. Fabulous, you've captured his very essence in this challenging piece! The cloak-work is superb. Don't be surprised if Huginn and Muninn start hanging out on your rooftop. ;-)

    1. Hmmm... Maybe I should hang bird fat balls out on the balcony?

  13. Many thanks for your kind and extremely encouraging comments!
    In fact Thor was a miniature that caught my eye and presented his details frankly. It was great fun to tickle out as much as possible.

    Unfortunately I'm neather patient nor diligent enough to spent that much time on every miniature...


  14. Creative and very impressive!

  15. One very fine entry there Stefan! It really stood out for me amongst the entries due to the nice shading on the red and blue. Which reminds me... I still need to cast my vote!

  16. Great work Stefan on both the painting of the figure and the base. What really caught my eye straight away on this figure is the flesh tones which really look superb.