Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse! - Last Bonus Round "Antihero"

Finally the last bonus round in Curt's 2015 painting challenge came and I decided to submit a miniature I'd been keen to paint for a long time but didn't find the right occasion. So this the staged entered...
King Richard III.
RichardPlantagenet the Duke of Gloucester was the younger brother of King Edward IV. When Edward died in 1483 his marriage with Queen Elizabeth (Woodville) was declared invalid and his sons turned illegitimate as heirs. So Richard took the throne and reigned until his death during the battle of Bosworth in 1485.

This is only the very climax of the awesomely interesting life of the last Plantagenet king of England. He witnessed the Wars of the Roses, fought against the Lancastrians and saw the victory of the house of York. But in the very end Richard III. stayed in people’s mind as an usurper of the throne, a murderer and a sinister intriguer. Although some of those aspects might appear probable our picture of Richard III. is highly influenced by the play by WilliamShakespeare in which he describes the later years of this interesting monarch. Soaked by Tudor propaganda he shows Richard as a power-obsessed, ruthless villain who meets his fair end by the sword of Henry Tudor who will be King Henry VII. Rather soon. Anyway for me it’s one of Shakespeare’s best plays and I love the character he gives Richard. To my a perfect antihero which made him my favourite choice for this bonus round.
The figure:
It’s made by Michael Perry as a special miniature on occasion of the discovery of Richard’s remains in Leicester in 2013. Since they were found under a car park the twin converted the figure in a way that he rides right out of the street. A very nice three piece vignette which I had been waiting to paint for a long time.

The colours:
As usual I employed Vallejo Model Colors to paint Richard. Only exception is the skin. For the first time I tried the Foundry Expert Flesh paint set. I'm very satisfied with the result and will probably keep using it. Many thanks to Mark Hargreaves for his hint!
The base:
The vignette is mounted on a 60mm circular base from ever excellent Warbases. Because I wanted to underline the figure itself and its border I painted the base black and coated it with high closs varnish. Additionally I made two banderoles that I attached on the left and on the right. One of them describes Richard’s dates of birth and death while the other one quotes Shakespeare’s well-known play: “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” (Act 5, Scene 4).

Please let me remind of the voting for this bonus round. Please turn to Curt's page and place your vote. There are a couple of extraordinary pieces which deserve attention and - of course - I would appreciate any vote for my humble work.


  1. Lovely work Monty! The banderols came out fantastic and add a nice touch.

  2. Brilliant work, and very creative touch with the adding of the banderols. On my way over to vote!

  3. Wonderful painting and love the banderols, that's a really clever touch.

  4. Superbly executed, Monty. The banderols are an impressive touch too.

  5. Absolutely fantastic work.
    In particular, the horse colors pleasing to the eye...

  6. Really like him... out of all the Richard III´s on that round, he was the only one that got my vote!

  7. I really love this piece Stefan. The bandeleros are a very fine touch, but I also like the grey / whit shading on the horse, and the texture of the parking lot is terrific.
    Bravo. I hope I still have time to vote!

  8. Many thanks for your kind comments. The psotive feedback is really overwhelming. It gives me a good boost for the last week of the challenge.