Monday, 23 March 2015

Painting Challenge finished! - My last two entries.

All good thing come to an end and so does the 5th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. At the beginning of the last week of the challenge and I was pretty close to my target of 750 points. The surprising victory in the antihero bonus round - thanks a lot again - gave me as well as my points account a real push. Thus I thought I should put all my efforts into scraping up some points and painted at least five Old Guard Grenadiers:
Those chaps are part of a larger unit which I started to paint last year. Actually I wanted to paint all the remaining figures during this painting challenge but real life was pretty exhausting lately and spiked my guns. Anyway for this reason the boys haven't been based yet until their command will be finished. Hopefully they'll see action during our recreation of Plancenoit 1815 later this year.

The figures are from Victrix's plastic box and have an excellent sculpting quality.Unfortunately the bayonets are very thin and delicate. Meanwhile I would prefer metal figures therefore.

As usual I painted them with Vallejo Model Colors and will base them as a foursome on 40mm x 40mm bases. Finally the unit will either consist of 24 figures as a standard unit for Black Powder.

Finally I took my last entry to fulfil our host's justified claim for an entry fee:

Blackbeard the Scourge of the Seven Seas
I know he is no official or historically correct figure of Edward Thatch but when I first saw him at Crisis 2014 I knew that he'd represent this well-known pirate. With the long beard and the variety of pistols in his belt he should be a credible embodiment of this heinous rogue.

The figure is a resin miniature by Black Scorpion and it's slightly larger than 28mm and of course rather brawny as you see. The details are cast extremely clear and it was a joy to paint this fellow. As last year I added a small reminder of the occasion Curt received this miniature for:
Under Blackbeard's base I applied a small badge displaying this year's motto and logo. 

But besides presenting these figures let me thank all the participating fellows and especially hardworking Curt. It was once again a pleasure as much as an honour to me to join their exquisite company and queue my humble work between the unique pieces of art you submitted. Miles calculated the amount of painted miniatures and the econmic outcome of it. He worked out about $500.000 that we generated during the last three months (details here)! Kudos!

Gladly I'm able to announce that I mastered the side challenge I had with our gifted fellow the Honourable Mr Michael Awdry Esq. We both were lucky and persistent enough to submit an entry for each and every bonus round. My contender was even able to win two of the bonus rounds against all other submitters. Well done, Sir Michael, you well deserved winner. Kudos!

So actually that's it from me. I'll assemble a complete review of my part of the painting challenge during the next days with the latest version of my spreadsheet.


  1. Lovely work Stefan - it was great having you along; your entries were all superb :)

  2. Excellent work! Love those grenadiers. The very first metal miniatures I ever painted (in about 1971) were French Imperial Guard grenadiers in greatcoats!

  3. Great work Stefan! I agree you with on the Victrix bayonets. They are notoriously brittle. Detail on the shoulder decorations is a bit on the soft side on some of the sculpts too, but otherwise great stuff.

  4. Wonderful Grenadiers and Pirate! Congrats, Stefan.

  5. Enjoyed each one of your entries and these are no exception.

  6. Excellent work Stefan, love the muddy look on the Guard and the beard on Blackbeard is pretty cool too.