Monday, 16 March 2015

War of the Roses infantry and hay cart

Curt's painting challenge is near its end but finally I managed to create my first entry besides the bonus rounds. I'm very satisfied to have submitted all of them but besides other painting came off badly.

Anyway finally here are some miniatures I painted more or less simultaneously to Richard III. for the antihero bonus round. Partly as test figures for the armour:
These are six figures from the bills and bows box Perry miniatures made for the Wars of the Roses. Actually they shall serve as mercenaries during the Burgundian Wars especially during Charles the Bold's siege of Neuss in 1474. I painted them to get used to the new historic period and the experiment with colours for medieval clothing and armour. Altogether excellent plastic miniatures which are a pleasure to assemble and to paint.

In addition I assembled and painted a small piece of scenery: Warbases' hay cart.
It's a eight or nine piece MDF kit which comes perfectly cut. It doesn't need much cleaning and is easily glued with super glue or PVA glue. A very nice piece by Martin and Diane which I painted without priming it. Since the MDF soakes up the paint this worked rather well. The hay load is a nicely cast resin piece which fits onto the cargo area very well. I didn't glue it to have the chance to use the cart with or without hay.


  1. Lovely. That armour looks really good!

  2. Great job, especially the armors, very impressive!

  3. Hola
    Gran trabajo en esas minis si señor
    un saludo

  4. Nicely done. Will you be using Lion Rampant or do you have something else in mind?

    1. Thanks, Paul.

      Actually I don't know which ruleset we'll use. First maybe something for skirmishes like SAGA but later something larger to revive the siege of Neuss. A ruleset which covers siege warfare would be perfect...


  5. Great work Monty! I'm sure the finished army will be a sight to behold.

  6. Excellent looking figures Stefan!