Thursday, 11 December 2014

(Secret) Santa is early

Actually it's busy on my workbench but unfortunately nothing to present yet. My six miniatures for the Cold bonus round of Curt's painting challenge are about to be finished but unfortunately I'll not be able to present anything else this week.
A pity not to use this free to publish anytim week but more than those six men are beyond my possibilities I'm afraid.

However a couple of days ago the postman brought a very nice package. Secret Santa was as good as early and sent my very first Christmas present this year. It's very hard not to open it for the next two weeks but of course I'll endure that somehow. Anyway the rattling sound the parcel makes is really promising. It sounds like a couple of metal parts... Hopefully it's a couple of figures or a little kit which Secret Santa put in and not only on piece. At least after shipping it's a more than one piece...

Irreleveant what's inside:
Many, many thanks to Secret Santa !

And by the way a short notice to Chris and Ian:
My gifts for "Secret Santa" and "Santa Clause" are on their way and should arrive just before Christmas at the aimed fellows.


  1. I'd recommend handing it over to the missus for hiding until christmas :) It's the only surefire way of avoiding the urge to see what goodies are held inside. I received mine yesterday too. Wonderful concept indeed!

  2. Sound good ! but I can imagine how it must be difficult waiting 2 weeks before you can open the box !

  3. Nice. Good old secret santa.