Monday, 1 December 2014

Secret preparation for the challenge...

Last week was very quiet on my workbench. Actually I didn't do much more than preparing miniatures for the Painting Challenge. A lot of lead and plastic has been deflahed, cleaned, undercoated in black or coloured... All in all there are more than 100 28mm figures on foot and two dozen mounted miniatures which I might paint during the next months. Actually that's a lot more than I'll be able to finish but anyway I feel well prepared.

Here's a look into my WIP drawers:
A lot of figures for Saga (Normans and Nomads), Napoleonics (French and Poles), the Northwest Frontier (British) and World War I (Tommies again) which are waiting to get painted. Of course the partly painted paratroopers (2nd drawer) will not be part of the challenge.

During the rest of the week I'll have to prepare the figures for the Victorian bonus round (11th January). Probably I'll change my initial plan and go for some of Northstar's characterful tea time miniatures. And Thor must be prepared for the 4th (Myth) bonus round two week later...

So there are some preparations to finish but all in all I feel well prepared for the painting challenge. We'll see whether I'll be able to reach my 750 points target...


  1. Until I saw your comment about part-painted paras, I was going to congratulate you on the use of multiple coloured primers on those figures in the middle drawer to give you a quick start on the painting :)

    I'm not going to let myself be distracted by the bonus rounds this year - if what I'm painting at the time fits in, so be it. If nothing fits, c'est la vie!

  2. Looking extremely well prepared there Monty - as one would expect from somebody with your nickname :-) Good luck with the Challenge.

  3. Excellent work = all you need now is a spreadsheet!


    1. You got me. I already prepared one during my lunch break... ;-)

  4. That's a lot of prep, looking forward to seeing you get through them


  5. Very organized WIP, Monty. Impressive!

  6. You've certainly done a good job of organizing your entries. I've got all of December ready to go and am staring on January tonight. My two entries for February Bonus rounds are prepped as well. That's as far as I'm going in advance though.

    Looking forward to seeing your work in the Challenge!

  7. Won't do any preparations this year but it looks like you're already well under way.

  8. Thanks a lot chaps. Actually I can't wait to start...

  9. Bravo Stefan:
    Looks like you are ready to surge out of the blocks at the starting gun. I am looking forward to seeing what you produce, especially the Napoleonics.

  10. That´s alot of work ..... good luck

  11. A good organisation is half of the work! Means that you can concentrate on the painting during the competition! Good luck Stefan!