Saturday, 27 December 2014

Many thanks to "Santa Claus" and "Secret Santa" !

This year it was my first time in the "Santa Claus" and "Secret Santa" ventures and thus I was really curious what my counterparts sent me. Luckily both parcels arrived in time and I opened them on Christmas Eve which is the traditional time for handing out the presents in Germany.

And from both gifts I was pleased beyond all measure.

Many, many thanks 
to "Santa Claus" and "Secret Santa" !

"Santa Claus" painted this awesome Royal Horse Artillery howitzer for me:
Crikey! What a gorgeous gift!
The set is a perfect choice for my collection since I have all the other sets I need for a complete battery but didn't own the howitzer until now. And besides that it's extremely well painted. Unfortunately I don't know the generous donor but many, many thanks this way! In case that he (or she) would be willing to reveal his or her identity I would be delighted to get to know the colours which were used to adjust my very own RHA figures.

"Secret Santa" was likewise generous. He or she sent me two sets of Great War Miniatures representing a British WW1 13pdr Mk. I gun and an appropriate crew of 6 men. Really the choice I was hoping for when I presented my wish list a couple of weeks ago. A perfect addition for my WW1 Tommies.
The late war crew I got. (picture from Northstar)
The gun with ammunition wagon and early war crew. (picture from Northstar)
But more important for me was to please my counterparts. Luckily I read on their blogs that they received my gifts in time and that they were rather pleased about them.

Last but not least many, many thanks to the organizers of both projects. To Cath and Ian for "Secret Santa" and to Chris for "Santa Clause". I'm looking forward to 2015 and hope that they'll start the ventures again. I would be delighted to take part again.


  1. Beautiful painting on that horse artillery, love the little detail on the base with the cannonball that has plowed a track in the dirt. Those WW1 Tommies are great minis indeed, looking forward to seeing them painted up!

  2. Wonderfull painted figures! Love them! And those others look interesting to!
    Great gifts!


  3. They are awesome gifts Monty!

  4. Great looking gun you lucky man you.

    No worries regards Secret Santa, it's a fixture in the calendar.


  5. That is a fantastic set of gifts. Thanks for posting it and being a part of the fun.