Sunday, 28 December 2014

Painting Challenge Roundup: Week 3

The last two weeks were dominated by Christmas preparations but nevertheless Curt's painting challenge went on. After a good start with 85 points from the "Cold" bonus round I planned to prepare a couple of Normans for the second bonus round "Mount(s) and Rider(s)". Arithmetically fell back behind my plan slightly because I didn't manage to finish anything during Christmas week but meanwhile I compensated that with two more Normans than I actually planned. Thus I reached my target for week 3 exactly:
Hopefully Curt will show the entries for the second bonus round today but here's a little preview for my Normans:
Yesterday I started with the figures for the next bonus round and since it's only three miniatures to paint this time I hope to start with my "Myth" entry rather soon. In case that I'm diligent enough I might have finished the next two or even three bonus entries rather soon... We'll see how my plan to prepare those for me mandatory entries soon...


  1. Great progress - all Hail the Mighty Spreadsheet!

    Have a happy New Year

  2. Nice work mate!
    As the Artillery boys like to ay "On Time and On Target"!

  3. I lost most of last week to Christmas. I'll get three days of painting in and then will have to stop again to cook for the children for New Years. I missed my December goal entirely and am just going to focus on what I'm painting for January.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  4. Excellent progress Monty! The Normans look very very nice!

  5. Dear people, is the spreadsheet thingie really necessary? Isn't just having fun and getting more mini's painted than usual more of a boon than being ruled by the mighty roster?

    No seriously: I wish you all the luck in the Challenge!

    1. Not necessary but somehow I enjoy such things...

    2. I did last year too. Found it quite a motivator to keep up with our side challenge in particualr, and to plan for 'dead' periods when I knew I was away

  6. Great figure and excellent chart. I'm studying how to copy it.