Saturday, 6 December 2014

Here we go again - 5th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge started

Yesterday it was the 5th December, finally !

So after weeks of preparations, deflashing models, priming miniatures and sorting the things to paint during the next three months the great day came and Curt's 5th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge started.

Of course this was an occasion to celebrate appropriately and thus I opened a bottle of Talisker single malt whisky which I bought this summer and kept it for a special day. So with a toast onto our noble organiser the Rt. Hon. Curtis Cambell Esq. I sorted my paintbrushes and paintpots for the initial brushstrokes.
Additionally there six Poles from Murawski Miniatures were of the party. Really a couple of excellent figures which incredibly gifted Paul Hicks created for Napoleon's retreat from Moscow in 1812. As you know this topic is one of my favourites so I fell for them as soon as I saw the greens. Anyway I chose them to start the challenge and tackle the first bonus task next week.

Luckily dear Mrs Monty and our heavenly daughters are out tomorrow so maybe I'll get some work done then.


  1. Go light on that whiskey elsewise your figures will come out looking cockeyed.

  2. Good luck and have fun in the months ahead.

  3. Good luck and have fun Monty. You are a man after my own heart enjoying a glass of single malt. Always find time for a dram of the good stuff!

  4. A fine choice of figures , and whisky..

  5. Nice start off - particularly the toast!

  6. Cheers Stefan - a splendid start to your challenge.

  7. Thanks for your kind comments, chaps.
    Actually the first days of the challenge went rather well and I'm on target for week 1.


  8. Single Malt, cant think of a better way to open the challenge :)

  9. But with water? I like it more pure! But it is a good way to start the challenge!