Monday, 3 March 2014

Saga going German !

Some ground-breaking news at least for the German readers:
The official English Saga Cover.
The Saga ruleset will be published in German very soon !

Mirco Wenning from Stronghold Terrain took the challenge to realize is project and is currently reaching the finish straight. Last weekend on Tactica he spread the excellent news for the first time and since then he's taking pre-orders.The release is in the pipeline and will happen in late March or early April.
The book includes the basic rules with all current additions and errata as well as rules for swords for hire and battleboards for Normans, Vikings, Welsh and Anglo-Danes. Additionally it will be a high quality hardcover rather then a paperback and Mirco included a lot of new (better) photos. The preview prints which he presented in Hamburg were absolutely gorgeous, so I ordered my copy of it right away. The first 200 purchasers will receive an exclusively designed Viking warlord which you can acquire with the pre-order deal only.
The pre-order Viking warlord.
Anyway the book seems to be fairly prized with 32.90 € and in case of success Stronghold will have the supplements published very soon. If you're interested in a more detailed preview, then have a look at Mircos and Elmars Stronghold Terrain shop here (German) or at the corresponding threat in the Sweetwater forum (German as well). 
By the way the boys make excellent houses and other terrain pieces so their shop is worth a look anyway. Especially their kits for medieval and Dark Ages houses are just awesome and closely based on historical examples found in German outdoor museums. Mirco and Elmar are extremely nice people to deal with, offer fair shipping rates and are always helpful if you need some advice concerning their models. So don't hesitate to have a look at their website or their hobby blog if your interested in Dark Ages or simply well-built terrain pieces in general.
Stronghold's excellent Dark Ages cottage which I proudly own by myself. Just my paintjob will not be able to cope with Mirco's gifted work.
 All three pictures above are from Stronghold Terrain and I used them with their kind permission.


  1. Fabulous terrain piece at the bottom, looking forward to seeing yours.

  2. Great looking terrain, looking forward to seeing yours! And a fabulous exclusive mini. Makes me want to order the book... Maybe it's a good chance to practice my german again :D Language skills seem to disappear fast after not having to use them at all now that I've moved back from there.

  3. That's a great looking building!!!!

  4. I'm a big fan of SAGA, and I hope you enjoy it very much when you give it a spin. Here in the US, the TV series Vikings has just started its 2nd season. More fodder for SAGA and the imagination!

  5. The magnificent building, natural colors.
    I like that.

  6. Indeed the cottage is excellent. On the one hand it's an awesome model which Elmar created but Mirco's paintjob is outstanding as well.

    I'll gladly pass your kind comments to them.


  7. That's a great looking building.