Monday, 24 March 2014

A unit of Viking Warrios for Saga

There are two entries for the Painting Challenge which I haven't presented here by now. The first are eight Bondi for my Saga Vikings:

All eight figures are metal ones from Gripping Beast's nice SAGA range. Some of them look slightly old fascioned and stiff but altogether they are really good.

As all SAGA miniatures I know so far these Bondi have open hands to glue the weapons in. So most of them got spears. But I used steel wire spears rather then the leaden ones provided by Gripping Beast. Absolutely outstanding are their faces which make it easy to bring out some expression.
As usual I painted the figures with Vallejo Model Colours and shaded them with Armypainter Quickshade (Dark Tone). The fine artworks on the shield are decals from Stephen Hales' Little Big Men Studios. For the bases I used my habitual combination of sand, static grass and tufts.
The other entry missing here on the blog is the desperado I painted as "Curtgeld", the entry fee for the challenge. But I'll save this one for my review of the painting challenge I'll post during the next days.


  1. Hola
    Que buenas me gusta,gran trabajo en esas caras
    un saludo

  2. Hello!
    Good job.
    All the spears and axes arms straight
    A fine patterning (curly) carpentry shield

  3. Fabulous job and those faces are amazing!

    1. Thanks a lot, Michael.
      Gribbing Beast made it easy to find expression in those faces. ;-)

  4. Excellent looking vikings Mr. Monty! I like the guy with the striped trouser... somehow reminds me of Loriot:
    Verkäufer: Das hier, das ist aus Kaschmir.
    Loriot: Und das hier?
    Verkäufer: Aus echter Wolle.
    Loriot: Und das?
    Verkäufer: Das ist gestreift.
    Loriot: Ach, das ist gestreift?

    1. Danke für das Lob und die nette Erinnerung an einen der besten Komiker der deutschen Fernsehgeschichte.

      Ich sag' nur: "Ein Klavier, ein Klavier!"


  5. Nice one Stefan. You've done a superb job on the faces.

  6. Real good looking Dark Age fighters.
    Excellent extra effort with the eyes.

  7. Lovely work on the Vikings! Those faces are awesome!