Tuesday, 18 March 2014

"Last Stand" - Gudmund the Dauntless inspired by Cynwit

How time flies !
It seems that Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge just started but in fact that was nearly three months ago. Because all good things come to an end we're coming down the streth now. There's just one week left and last weekend the final forthnight bonus round took place. This time "Last Stand" was the theme.

Actually I wanted to enter some Napoleonic troops for this round. Either some more 1812 French or Old Guard for Plancenoit or some riflemen of the 2nd Light Battalion KGL definding La Haye Sainte. But during the last weeks the Vikings conquered my mind and I pored on Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories once again. In the first book The last Kingdom the author describes the Battle of Cynwit and has the main character, fictional Uthred of Bebbanburg, fight and kill Ubba Ragnarsson. So the idea of an epic fight between two Viking warlords caught me and I wasn't able to stand up to painting some SAGA figures to replay such epic quarrels.

So we have my new Viking warlord Gudmund the Dauntless accompanied by his last surviving followers, a group of eight Bondi warriors. They are surrounded by a huge force of Anlgo-Danish foes. These are lead by a gruesome warlord who raided Gudmund's settlement and slaughtered all other Vikings without mercy. At the height of the battle Gudmund and his last fellows drew back to a hill nearby and the two warlords meet in an epic fight.

They dance around each other exchanging blows while the warriors make way for their warlords. With the last of his strength Gudmund manages to overcome his enemy and turns the turns the tide of the battle. Discouraged by their warlord's death the Danish line crumble. Finally the Vikings win the day and banish the attackers...

I hope you like this little story for the last theme of this painting challenge. The figure is a metal one from Gripping Beast's nice SAGA range. Although some of the older figures look a bit stiff I like this warlord very much. He looks very dynamic and eager. There are two tiny conversions I made: I changed the hand to a more detailed plastic one and I added a shield with additional spears to have him look even more dangerous and daring. Absolutely outstandingly sculpted is his face which makes it easy to bring out some expression.

As usual I painted the figures with Vallejo Model Colours and shaded them with Armypainter Quickshade (Dark Tone). The fine artworks on the shield are decals from Stephen Hales' Little Big Men Studios, but for the first time I dared to paint some freehand embroidery on the cloak. I used brwonish and yellowish colours to create an idea of embroided Viking runes.
For the bases I used my habitual combination of sand, static grass and tufts.


  1. Bravo Stefan, and well done for completing our challenge - we made it!

  2. Great work, love the clothes!

  3. Really nice work. The detail on the cape is excellent and adds that extra finish.

  4. That's some very nice paint work on this fellow! The patterns on the cloak are superb. I don't want to shatter your plans but now there are only 46 hours left for the challenge ;-P

  5. An excellent piece - that cloak is superb!

  6. Awesome work and the cloak is excellent

  7. That's phenomenal! Great attention to detail with the shield and cloak.