Saturday, 8 March 2014

Painting Table Saturday #18 - BfC British 44th Regiment of Foot

This evening my father will celebrate his 65th birthday so we'll be on the road after lunch. Thus here's a very early Saturday Painting Table post from me. Actually it's kind of nearly finished post since delivered the last strokes of my paintbrush to the current inhabitants of my painting table yesterday night:
Twelve figures which I promised to paint for Bloggers for Charity. They'll represent the 44th Regiment of Foot during the BfC presentation game "Battle of Belle Famille":
The red dozen...
The command...
Firing pose...
At ready...
Actually they're nearly finished. During the last evenings I put a lot of time into them to come to an end with that unit. Although it was great fun to contribute some work for the BfC project I'm a bit torn about the miniatures themselves. They're very well cast and actually a good set of figures but on the other hand the sculptor left a lot of details for the gifted painter to realize. That brought me to the limits of my skill but I'm rather satisfied with the result.

Besides these brave redcoats there are twenty Vikings, one cowboy and a couple of KGL riflemen inhabiting my workbench. Some of them are reserved for the last bonus round in the painting challenge, the cowboy is the fee and the Vikings... For a Saga session next weekend. I'm curious how many of them I'll finish in time...

Have a nice weekend !


  1. You may well be pleased with the results. They look splendid!

  2. Hola
    Buenas piezas
    Felicidades por los años de su padre
    Un Saludo

  3. Very nice figures! Red coats and yellow facings are always a good combination.

    Best Regards,


  4. They look lovely - you did great work on the uniforms. Front Rank figures, I presume? Dean

  5. Wonderfully done and huzzar for the Essex Boys (To be)