Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to till a field... Prototype WIP

Last week was a bit cooler than the week before. Therefore I was able to get some things prepared. Especially I wanted to try to pimp up some of my fields. Thereto Pat's post from January on his Silver Whistle blog inspired me (look here).

So first I chose some stuff from myoffcut box. Namely a nice sheet of plywood and some foamboard. With the foamboard I prepared the shape of the field and the plywood made an excellent base.
As field I used a part of a doormat. Since I wanted to make a partly harvested field I cut a part off it and glued it on the board with all-purpose glue because I guessed that might contract less than wood glue. Afterwards I covered the empty part of the field with rough structure paint.
Now the board had to take a breake and I let it dry over night with a pile of RPG rulebooks on it.
Meanwhile I took some offcut pieces of the doormat and cut off the bristles. They shall serve as husk on the harvested field as well as straw for a bale of straw I'm preparing simultaneously.

But be warned:
If your sweetheart isn't as tolerant as dear Mrs Monty then make sure that she is away when you cut off the bristles or do it in a secret chamber in your flat. Otherwise you frivolously risk a debate on principles about cleaning your home. There is no chance to cut the bristles without flipping them all over the working place!

Anyway the day later I proceeded with the hedgerow which shall surround the field. basically I used the same technique as for my bocage (here). Which means that I glued flocks of different clumb foliage on the fomeboard with hot glue which worked rather well once more. But mind your fingers! Hot glue means HOT GLUE !

However, I'm rather satisfied with the WIP result and I hope to get the base drybrushed this evening. Then some fining touches and the prototype is ready to test.


  1. Cool, I'm going to make one of those

  2. Looks great, I may have to try one.

  3. Now I like that....I'm serious I like it a lot.....hint!

  4. Finally a good use for a doormat! :-D
    Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!


  5. That's looking great Monty. It's good enough as it is, so will be a work of art by the time you have done the finishing touches.

  6. Great looking field! I'm in the process myself of making these out of coir doormats

  7. Very nice effect mate.
    Those door mats make great cornfields... I wonder how many get used as doormats and how many get chopped up... ;-)

  8. Thanks for the mention Monty. You have done a wonderful job and I look forward to seeing the finishing touches on this.

  9. Hi fellows,

    thanks a lot for the kind feedback.
    Finally I completed the field and posted an image. I hope that it doesn't fall short of your expectations...