Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Monty's Birthday 2013

Actually it's unusual for me to write posts this late but somehow this day was special. Not too special since it recurred the the 36th time by now but nevertheless it was my birthday.
However it was a great day and it started with my two darlings giving me a hearty welcomeat 05.30 a. m. Besides all the goo wishes Mrs Monty prepared two excellent gifts:
A 90 x 90 cm gaming mat for X-Wing and Mark Adkin's outstanding "Waterloo Companion" an invaluable source for our Waterloo 2015 project.
Mrs Monty's gifts.
At work my day was kind of business as usual but we took some time to have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake together which my lovely wife had prepared as well.
The real highlight was the afternoon and evening. We went to Düsseldorf, met my parents, my dearest aunt and Auld Nick, one of my oldest and closest friends and haf a couple of beers together. Just perfect since Altbier from Düsseldorf's small brewweries is my absolute favorite! And Auld Nick crowned it all with a fine selection of presents. Especially the "Keep calm - Carry on" mug which will have a very special place on my desk at work.
After this outstanding evening my wife and me returned home. Our lovely daughter who was good as gold today stayed with gran and gramps this night and we had some unusual free time together.
But somehow I wasn't able to go to bed that soon and decided to have the day fade on the balcony with a fine cuban cigar, a glass of apricot liquer and some chapters of Ken Follet's "Winter of the World" uncut audiobook. Actually I prefer single malt whisky but the sweet potion chime together with Monte Christo's mastepiece of cigar making excellently.
What can men whish more?
Anyhow I wanted to share this eventful day with you and I hope you enjoyed it alhough it isn't that wargaming related.


  1. Happy Birthday Monty sound like you had a great time.
    Peace James

  2. You did quite well it seems. Enjoy that cigar!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Monty, looks and sounds like you had a great day!!!!

  4. mmmm, had me a cigar last week, happy birthday Monty

  5. Happy birthday young buck, glad it was a good one, I too have that book and an excellent read!

  6. Happy Birthday Monty, sounds like a great birthday to me, the book is excellent.

  7. A very Happy Birthday Stefan, it sounds just about perfect to me!

  8. The best gift a man can get! That book is awesome!

    Happy birthday Monty!


  9. Hi folks,

    thanks for your greetings!


  10. Joyeux anniversaire mon Cher Monty !!

  11. Sounds like you had a great day Stefan, a happy belated birthday.