Wednesday, 10 July 2013

X-Wing AAR: The shadow of the Death Star

On friday we had the first club meeting after my holiday. This time we wanted to play a game of X-Wing and I agreed to conduct the game as umpire.

However I decided to create a short intro to bring the boys in good spirits. It's in German only but I hope you enjoy it anyway. In English the text means the following:


There is a new hope for rebellion. Finally,
after a weak point was discovered at the
Death Star, they are preparing their decisive
attack against the Imperial space station. On
Yavin the rebellion is gathering all their forces
to charge the Death Star.

But Grandmoff Tarkin, the commander of
the Death Star sense the danger. So he sends
out his best fighter squadrons with their leaders
Darth Axel and Darth Kalle to reconnoitre the
rebel base.

Within a asteroid field near Yavin it comes
to a battle when some rebel fighters are able
to intercept the Imperial fighters...

A rather simple setup for a small game to learn the rules. Altogether four squadrons gathered:
- Two Y-Wings with ion cannons and proton torpedos under Georgs command
- Two X-Wings flown by Bernhard and his son Pascal
- An identical Imperial squadron which (Darth) Axel managed
- A Tie-Advanced and two Tie-Fighters lead by (Darth) Kalle
The setup after turn 1. The opposing forces are converging carefully.
Georg knew his Y-Wings would be disadvantaged in speed and number. So he tried to play his heavy weapons off against Axel's squadron. He launched a volley of proton torpedos early but wasn't able to cause greater damage on the Tie-Advanced. But at least he was able to paralyse him with the ion cannon. After shutting down another Tie the Y-Wings turned left and tried to support the X-Wings on the left flank to enforce decision there. Afterwards they could finish off the remaining Ties here at the right hand side...
The Y-Wings ionize some Ties and turn towards their comrades.
Meanwhile the other Tie-squadron gathered to rush at the X-Wings. Those stayed in close formation and sent first laser fire at their enemies.
View at the rebel left flank.
Thereby Kalle's squadron got under heavy pressure. Although he was able to destroy one of the X-Wings, the combined fire of the remaining rebel fighters vaporised his Tie-Advanced and one of the other Ties.
Kalle's Tie-Advanced with a collection of target locks.
But the rebels miscalculated the speed of the Imperial standard Tie-Fighter. Just one turn after the X-Wing seemed to conquer the left flank Axel's fighters came in and attacked them from behind. Result was a burning Y-Wing and a heavily hit X-Wing.
The remaining Ties outnumbering the rebels.
As potentially more dangerous enemy Axel hunted down the X-Wing first. Although Pascal rolled the dice rather luckily the starship couldn't resist the green laser beams.

Finally the last Y-Wing was hopelessly outgunned. With some last words of warning to the rebel base on Yavin he vanished in flames. This time the Empire won but the Rebellion will strike back...
Three solid hits put the final nail in the Y-Wing's coffin.
All in all it was an exiting and funny game. Although I didn't play myself it was great fun to prepare the stuff for my fellows and guide them a little. Anyway they were satisfied enough with the game to put the return match on the agenda for our meeting in a fortnight...


  1. A great report Stefan and I loved your little movie, how did you do that? The more I see of this the more I feel I need to play it.

  2. great looking game cheers for sharing

  3. Looks like a good game. I like the terrain you used.

  4. That video is so neat! Great looking table and I rather like the planet.