Monday, 8 July 2013

Back from holiday...

The last two weeks were very quiet on Monty's Caravan.The reason was however rather nice: My wife, our daughter and me spent a week at the North Sea shore in Horumersiel near Wilhemshaven. The data connection with my cellphone was incredibly slow. Therefore I wasn't able to get in touch with you sooner.
Those blue sheep stood in the front garden of our holiday home
Anyway we had a great time. Since Viktoria is a real water rat we visited the local swimming bath several times and made some excursion to the surrounding villages. Unfortunately we had some bad luck with the weather. Very British indeed what I usually appreciate but it's kind of unhandy for bicylcle tours or time on the dyke...

However I didn't travel completely without hobby stuff. At least my colours, brushes, a lamp and a squad of Warlord Games Red Devils.
Monty's holiday workbench
Of course I hadn't time for excessive painting sessions but at least the base colours are applied...

Finely recovered I'll post some more wargaming stuff soon. Especially an AAR about a X-Wing game we played last friday. I hope to have it online until wednesday...


  1. Oh Stefan, I am so impressed! Even on a family holiday you manage to pack the hobby light - I think you just became my hero! ;)

  2. Hi Michael,

    actually my wife started with that. Initially I didn't want to take painting stuff with me but after she packed a trunk of embroidery equipment I asked myself: Why not?
    So the after-lunch sleep of our daughter allowed me some painting... ;-)


  3. Good to have you back Stefan, good man cave holiday survival kit!