Monday, 5 August 2013

Field completed

Actually I finished the field last thursday but the weekend was too busy to get something posted. And to be honest I spent some hours with painting since it was a bit cooler than the weeks before. Maybe I'll be able to present the result (a unit of mixed British grenadiers for AWI) by the end of the week.

However here's the finished prototype field:
I'm really satisfied with this first try. Especially the track of the waggon turned out better than I thought with its puddles of glossy varnish.
Nevertheless my club fellows gave me some advice to improve the set-up. Especially the tiny stonewalls should be improved with the second edition. I'll try it with crumbled cork I presume...


  1. I expanded the picture and it looks pretty cool. Looks like you guys have fun with this hobby.

  2. Superb work Stefan, the finishing touches take it to another level. If you are not happy with the walls, I would recommend a visit to a garden centre to check out their bags of small stones. Take a miniature figure with you to get an idea of scale. Don't go to big with the stones, walls look more realistic if they are smaller stones, even if it takes a little longer to build. I wouldn't go for round pebble type stones but more rugged shapes. Hope you don't mind me mentioning this but you said you were thinking of using cork, which I don't think would work.

  3. Nice work Stefan, I would highly recommend using the route Pat has outlined they will look far more realistic than the cork will produce.

  4. Fantastic work Monty!


  5. Great work there chap and a good use of a door mat

  6. Very good work!
    it's an inspiration for me : it's a very good idea to use this material...

  7. Yeah, great work Stefan, very original

  8. This looks wonderful Stefan, the tracks into the field are wonderful.

  9. That looks great! Nice idea having the cart tracks, it really lifts it out of the ordinary.

  10. I do like this one, looks really good


  11. Looking very nice, great work!

  12. Nice result. Looking good mate! :)

  13. Hi fellows,

    many thanks for the kind comments.

    I think I'll try the garden center stuff. Some kind of granulate for flower pots schould work.

    At the moment I'm working on a lot of stuff for our great AWI game in a fortnight. So it's difficult to get things written for the blog. I'll try to bring you on the loop until weekend.