Sunday, 21 October 2012

Weekly News 21st October 2012: Foot Artillery based

Time goes by so fast and another week is over.
Unfortunately I didn't win neither Fran's nor Ray's lottery for some Rejects' dice. Congratulations to all lucky winners here and there!

On the workbench there has been some progress. Finally I managed to finish the basing of my first three batteries of Royal Foot Artillery:
The three bases from obove. In the middle there one space left to put another crewman or officer in.
These are the three 9pdr guns which I made from the Victrix plastic set (look here or here). The miniatures are nicely modeled and cleanly cast. As all Victrix plastics they have to be assembled from five to seven parts. The guns can be build as 6pdr guns, 9pdr guns or 5.5" howitzers. I decided to build late Napoleonic 9-pounders and add a howitzer later (I already got the one from the Perrys...).

Here are the three:

If you remember some of the crewmen then you are completely right. I finished some of them in June for the great Kolberg game and presented some bad cellphone-photos then. But I hope you like those pictures better.

Next week will be quiet on Monty's Caravan because I'll go on vacation with my wife and our daughter. Although we plan to visit the German Navy Museum in Wilhelmshaven (look here) I'll probably not be able to present a review before I'm back home.


  1. Monty

    Very nice battery! I love the basing system, did you create it yourself? If so what did you use?


    1. Rather easy: I just cut a template pit off 3mm cardboard to put the miniatures in. Then I glued the template on 3mm plywood and that's it.


  2. Wow...wonderful modeling, Sir.

  3. Superb painting on these and you seem to have the right colour for the gun carriages. I made the mistake of painting mine more blueish than greyish.

  4. Apologies about the dice :0(
    But the bases look great, I really like the way you've done them.

  5. That is brilliant Stefan, the basing system just gives you so much flexibility with the miniatures. Splendid painting too!

  6. Super looking artillery pieces!


  7. Wuau !! awesome