Thursday, 4 October 2012

Weekly Review 04th Oct 2012: Horses undercoated, Highlanders ready for finish...

After half a year of blogging I decided to add a new category to Monty's Caravan: Weekly News from the Workbench

Within the last weeks I didn't manage to produce any presentable things. Just several small steps were taken and so I decided to put them together in a small "this-and-that"-style post. In the future I'll try to write such a post every week about thursday or friday.

All the pretty little horses...

 After having cleaned the Hussars' horses from the disasterous painting, I re-undercoated all of them successfully. Next step is to paint them with airbrush and by hand. I hope to get started this weekend.

More Highlanders ready to finish
Fortunately the highlanders didn't suffer the same fate as the horses. The varnish shrivelled at some rare and small areas only and I'll be able to fix that when highlighting the boys I hope. I'm confident that no one will notice those flaws when the whole unit is finished.


  1. Ich hab hier was für dich:
    Ich hoffe, du nimmst ihn an? :)
    Leider habe ich keine neutrale Stelle gefunden, an der ich dich damit hätte überfallen können, daher kommt der Kommentar an deinen neuesten Post dran.


  2. Great looking Highlanders! Best, Dean

  3. Love the new category and those Highlanders look superb!

  4. The troops are very finely painted! Really nice!

  5. Hi Monty

    Saw the few last posts about your Problems with Varnish.

    Me uses Vallejo Primer for the Airbrush and also the ANTI SHINE Primer from Army Painter. I never had any Problems with that as i also use on my Miniatures oily Pigments and Oil Colers for some Details. No Problems with varnishing all together with the 2 Primers above

    you may have a look on my Blog to see some finished Minis already primered

    Would be great seeing you there

    King Regards from
    Jay's Wargame Painting