Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekly News 14th October 2012: Bolt Action

During last week only some minor events happened besides this award thing (look here). However I managed to get some things done at my workbench:

On Friday my Bolt Action-rulebook arrived which I bought for a fair price (26 €) at Amazon-Germany just two days before. Although I haven't read the book completely the game give a good first impression. Especially the way initiative is determined promises to be interesting: Both players act within the same turn and who's exactly allowed to activate a unit is determined semi-randomly. I like games without strictly separated turns because players sometimes tend to digress when turns last long.

Motivated by the WW II background I put some matching stuff together. For example I started to paint a building which I bought and build some months ago from Jens Najewitz (link) who makes very nice 20mm and 28mm buildings for WW II. It's a model of the house located at "Dead Man's Corner" near Carentan. In addition I finished some new bocages according to the scheme I explained some months ago (tutorial here).

Unfortunately my Napoleonic effords were retarded a bit. Yesterday morning I wanted to airbrush a set of 24 horses, but the bloody gun didn't work. Instead of generating a well targeted stream of paint it blew the air into the cup with the paint. I presume this malfunction might be caused by a damaged gasket ring within the tip. So I'll have to wait since it's fixed.
After this throwback I didn't have the leisure to deal with the highlanders...


  1. The airbrush shall be healed and all will be as it should. Heh, my airbrush is 38 yrs old and has just died while attempting to prime some houses. So another is being made ready for modeling duty. Looking forward to seeing your horses painted and on display.

    1. I've been using airbrush for the last twelve years but I've never left novide level I suppose. Therefore I'm unsure with this mechanical stuff and I'll have the gun checked at the store's this evening.

      Maybe I'll be able to make another try until the end of the week...

  2. Shame about the airbrush, did it smother paint everywhere else apart from the horses?

    1. It seems you want to hear such a story of great adversity...
      But I must disappoint you. Only a few splashes hit my hands and table.

      But by the way: I suffered such an accident years ago with another airbrush gun...

  3. As a rule collector I'll pick them up, but I'm pretty happy with Operation Squad so not sure if I will actually play them.

    Sorry about the airbrush and nice bocage btw.