Tuesday, 9 October 2012

An Award! An Award!

Last week Asuka of Nadelspielereien (in English this means something like "needle shenanigans") gave an Award to Monty's Caravan.

To be honest I don't really know what that means but it's kind of small gift between fellow newbie bloggers and it's linked to some rules:

1.) The blog which is priced must not have more than 200 followers.

2.) There must be written some kind of post about the Award on the priced blog.

3.) The distributor of the award must be mentioned.

4.) The Award must be passed to five new blogs.

5.) These rules have to be published on the awarded blog.

Therefore thanks a lot to Azuka and here come the blogs I wish to pass the Award on:

He is one of my first followers and was encouraging me from the very beginning. His blog is superb and present really great pieces of modelling. I highly recommend his post about self-made 75mm round.

Michael Awdry and his 28mm Victorian Warfare
He is always posting some nice comments and encouraging words when painting goes wrong. On his own blog he presents his 28mm miniatures in best quality recuringly.

Scott with Scott's Wargaming
 A nice fellow from New Zealand who present a lot of excellent wargaming stuff from different eras and in different scales. His articles are always worth to read.

Michael with Kukuruza's Corner
He's one of the fellow with whom I've been playing for more than a decade. He started a nice little blog with pictures of our last WWII games. I hope he'll proceed with that!

Feldmarschall and his blog
One of the very few ice hockey loving wargamers I know. But albeit he runs a nice blog with lots of historical information. Unfortunately it has been a bit quit for the last week.

Well then... Those are my nominees. It was a hard choice since there are many blogs I love to follow. Anne's Attic with her artistic touch, Angry Lurker Fran with his great 15mm figures and the stories of the Rejects as well as his Buddy Ray, Tamsin one of the few wargaming girls and the many, many other great blogs I became acquainted with. Fortunately most of them had more than 200 followers so they were unelectable...
Please take a look at my blog list on the left and enjoy the of my favourite blogs (not only those I mentioned here).

In this spirit I wish you a lot of fun within the blogosphere and will report to you the Weekly Update by Friday.


  1. Congrats Monty, bloody well deserved!

    1. Thanks a lot, Fran!

      A commendation from a veteran blogger which I appreciate a lot.


  2. Well done Stefan!! and thanks for the link back!

    1. Thanks Ray and you're welcome!

      Although I post comments very often I always enjoy your painting work and your different view on Fran's presentation.


  3. Congrats, the next price is the one of the duelingfield on Benno's ;-)

  4. Congrats on the award Monty - well deserved! :)

  5. Congratulations on the award, and thanks for the nomination :-)

  6. Congratulations! I hope to explore the blogs you mentioned when I have a little more time.

  7. Very many congratulations and well deserved Stefan! Thank you also for the very kind nomination and kind words.

  8. Hey Congratulations and a big thank you for passing the award to me!
    I'm glad I saw this at all as I don't get to read blogs that often at the moment :)

    Thanks a lot, man!
    Hope to see you around at the forums again (more frequently perhaps ;) )

    Regards, Mojo