Tuesday, 23 October 2012

On vacation...

Finally the time has come to leave the dull routine of everyday life behind and go on holiday!

My lovely wife, our cute daughter and me are just about to leave and will head northward. We'll spent a week at the North Sea coast and will reside at a little farm with rabbits, sheep and chickens running around. They offer fresh buns and fresh eggs from their own chickens every morning and I expect to have a really good and recreational time there.

Although we haven't planed to much for those days and want to spent a lot of time at the seaside, I'll try to find the time to visit the German Navy Museum this week. Anyway I bagged my camera to be prepared.

I'll try to send you some news from the coast but I cannot promise to be able to.


  1. Yeah, relax a little. But honestly, baltic sea rules - greetings from Kiel ;)

  2. Have a pleasant break Monty! :)

  3. Viel Spaß im Norden und einen schönen Gruß an die Küste!

    (Es geht nicht zufällig nach Osteel, oder?)

  4. Have a great break Stefan, al the very best to you and your family.

  5. Have fun, and take lots of pictures!