Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Napeoleonic British: 1st Unit, 2nd Wave

Finally the next wave of 28mm British Napoleonic Lineinfantry is done. It took two weeks of weekly labour to paint nine figures. Altogether I needed about 1000 minutes for painting from basecoat to varnish. That's about two hours per miniature. I'm a rather slow painter though but those Perry miniatures are awfully detailed. Those bloody lacings on the jackets nearly drove me crazy...

All 14 soldiers which are done yet.
As before I used Vallejo paints and Armypainter Quickshade to paint the boys:
Five of the new ones... I especially like the one that is biting open the cartridge...
Some details had to be improved: I used a brighter skin tone this time (Citadel Elf Flesh) because the first firgures looked too pale to me. Addinitonally I used a darkish yellow (Citadel Foundation Iyadon Darksun) to paint the cuffs and collars, as second step I highlighted them with the bright Vallejo yellow I used for the first figures already. And I spent a little more time on the metal parts. This time I added some final highlights with Citadel Mithril Silver after quickshading.

Here's a comparison picture of a new one (left) and an "old" one from the first wave (right):
Soldiers from 2nd wave (left) and 1st wave (right) in comparison.

Overall I'm satisfied with the result and I'll finish the unit this way. Doesn't look award winning but like solid wargaming stuff to me.
Maybe dark tone is a bit too... dark. Currently I'm shying away a bit from bying another can of Quickshade for 25 EUR.... But maybe I should consider it (meaning Strong Tone) and spare the Dark Tone for some Dark Elves...

Well... That's it for now. On Sunday I prepared the final ten models for this unit. Two standard bearers, an officer, a sergeant, a drummer and five additional privates. I hope to finish them within the next two or two-and-a-half weeks... I'll provide some WIP pictures from time to time.

Next unit on the workbench will be a battery of British Napoleonic foot artillery. Three guns with limbers and fifteen men. If you're interested I could provide a short step by step review then.


  1. Fecking hell they're beautiful, whatever wave they are I'd own them!

  2. Goodness me they are a bit good! A wonderful result on these, but I know what you mean about all that lacing!

  3. Thanks a lot for all the nice, encouraging comments!
    They confirm this technique and I'll stick to it then. I hope to be able to present the finished unit in two weeks and some WIP pictures sooner.


  4. They are coming on very well.

  5. Seems to be well painted, but not enough light, they run you the details. Greetings.

    1. Well... I've been struggeling with the photos for the last month. Meanwhile I use two strong lamps to light the area when I take photos.
      I presume the problem is the white Background and it's influence on the digital camera. I'll try a different background next time...