Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New Gaming Board: "Cutting Practice"

Although I the last evenings with painting the next nine British soldiers I found some time to test my new hotwire-cutter. Since I'm about to build a new gaming board I used it to cut the shelves into the right shape.

Nothing too spectacular but here is a shot review what I did.

First I cut the foamboard roughly with my electric jigsaw.
As a kind of ruler for the hotwire-cutter I fastened to beads on top and bottom of the foamboard.
Then I cut the overlapping foam with the Thermocut.
The wire of the cutter is rather soft. Therefore in some parts the cut wasn't smooth. So I sanded it a bit.
After removing the screw clamps... A clean and smooth cut.
Well...Four board pieces done, eight to do, since I'm planning to use a setup of twelve pieces to create a board of 1,5m x 2,0m (about 5' x 7'). Next time I'll present the Lineinfantrymen but you'll get an update of my table building efforts soon.


  1. Figure painting and D.I.Y, excellent!

  2. I do like that cutter! Very tasty.

  3. Great idea to use the boards as a stop/ guide. I'll be appropriating that technique.

  4. I like tools of mass destruction, well done.

  5. I used almost the same technique.
    If you press both ends of the Hotwire-Cutter together before fixing the wire, you'll get smoother cuts.
    Try this, it worked for me. You might save the sanding-job ;)

    1. Some solutions are so easy...

      Thanks for the hint

  6. Very nice How-To photos - thanks! Dean

  7. Awesome work, now i've got an idea how to create even edges :D