Thursday, 5 April 2012

Napoleonic Brits: Testfigures finished

Viktoria helps me to unpack the first brave British...
As I told you some days ago the last two weeks were packed with time-consuming happenings which detained me from tinkering and blogging.

So let's start at the very beginning of my 28mm Napoleonic project:
Months or maybe even years ago I became aware of the Perry 28mm plastic range and the Napolionic miniatures they make. Since a lot of my former projects were never finished completely I was putting all new stuff on hold for a while. During the first weeks of 2012 I recorded some good progress with my 20mm stuff and managed to finish a sufficient force of WWII British and a some terrain for the new gaming board project. As reward I allowed myself to start something new and brandished towards Napoleon and Wellington.
After getting a survey of the different metal and plastic ranges I decided to invest in Perry plastics first. Especially the low price for those nice miniatures caught me. You might judge the miniatures' quality yourselfs. Here on Youtube is a short video review a guy called Danamor from the Austrian wargaming board W6-Tabletop broadcasted.

When the miniatures arrived I was surprised how small 28mm can be... All those tiny details... However I deflashed them when we were on leave for a weekend and primed them with white spray paint. Five miniatures for the beginning...
The painting took about five evenings. As usual I used Vallejo Model Colour paints and leftovers from Citadel (Games Workshop) paints. Afterwards I covered them with Army Painter Quickshade "Dark Tone" and outlined some highlights after drying. A coat of rather matt varnish completed the job.
Finally done... The first British soldiers painted for testing purposes... Rather satisfying to me.
Altogether I'm satisfied with the result. The faces look a bit pale to me, so I'll use a slightly brighter tone next time. And the buttons are a bit too bright. They look almost white and don't stand out. Next time I'll try a darker metal tone like Citadel's Boltgun Metal. What I decided to neglect are extremely small details like the regimental number on the water bottles. There some companies which profide decals in favour of that. Maybe I'll add those later. The bases will be formed later because I'll set the figures on regimental bases.

Please feel free to post tricks, hints and suggestions. As you know I'm much obliged for each and every comment.


  1. What a cracking start to your new project; wonderfully done Stefan. I'm fighting the temptation to start something similar.

  2. I think you have done a fine job on these fellows! I can concur with some of your comments - perhaps the flesh tone is a little pale, but until you get the of the army painter technique and this new period, there will be a little guess work to start with.
    I'm a little surprised, with your German background, you didnt go with the Prussian for the period?
    I must confess in most historic periods I always go 'Brit' where possible...present Wehrmacht obsession aside (but I did start it with commandos afterall)!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words.
      I considered the Prussians but somehow I'm always ending on the British... I don't know why but the British Redcoats have been fascinating me since my youth. Maybe it could have been the live broadcastings of "Trooping the Colour" each year...

      However additionally I chose the British because of the wide range of plastic miniatures and the various options of uniforms and colours. Victric Highlanders and Artillery are ordered already.

      But Prussians are on the list... ;-)

  3. This is indeed a great start for your project, keep up the good work!

  4. Very impressive Monty! I've always been a little scared of Napoleonics due to the high amount of detailing involved, but you make it look easy ;)

  5. I like the figures a lot. Well done on the paint job. I can see what you say when you point it out, but overall I think the figures are quite striking.

  6. Well done, these guys look suberb!

  7. Thank you ver much for all the nice omments!

    I'm relly happy that you all like my first Napoleonics.bthat encourages me to proceed this way. ;)

    Next week the next nine privates will be ready to face their French foes. I'll keep you informed.


  8. Those figs look very nice, a very good work!

  9. Nothing wrong with them mate, excellent work!

  10. Nice little men and lady :D