Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Bavarian soldier on the workbench and two women in the sickbed

The last week has been exhausting. Our daughter has been ill since last weekend... Somehow that seems to happen frequently but autumn, winter and spring are probably kind of difficult for a immune system of less than two years of age...
However on Monday we had to visit the doctor with her: Inflammation of the tonsils. That bestowed us two restless nights besides the increased need of our loving, parental care...

But things got worth when my wife woke up with distinctive headache on Tuesday morning. She hadn't been fine since last week because she was suffering a pink eye since then, but then things got worse: Inflammation of the middle ear.

Well! I don't know which perilous bacteria are haunting my two girls these days but we shall fight them without surrender. Blessedly the antibiotics take effect and they're getting better day by day. Blessedly at least I stayed healthy and was able to look after them a bit.

Hence time for modelling and painting was short this week. I managed to paint the flesh parts of the next ten British and deflashed a couple of highlanders for one of the next units. The only real progress I attained was a single Bavarian Fusilier I painted for a friend of mine. Perhaps some of you remember Niclas who wrote a byline-article called "Auld Nick's Workbench" some weeks ago (if you don't remember you could check here...). He bought some sets of Bavarian troops from HäT (these and these here) and asked me to paint one of them in the same way I painted my British. You see the result below. Basically I used the same technique as with my British:

Bavarian soldier "Sepp" - You might recognize that English Breakfast makes men taller and stronger than Weißwurst...

It turned out reasonably well although I don't like the HäT figures that much. The are cheap but compared with Victrix or Perry they are on another quality level. The details aren't that clearly defined and look somehow... washy. Additionally they are apperently smaller then both Victrix and Perry miniatures.
Anyway for the cadre of a bavarian force they should work rather well. Especially for a beginner it's possible to field a brigade of them much faster (= cheaper) than of the expensive metal miniatures of Front Rank or Wargames Foundry.

Over and above I was able to prepar some flags for my first units. I used pictures which I found within the world wide web and edited them with Paint (the software belonging to Windows). Stretched to the right size and printed with a colour laser printer they're ready to be glued on the banner poles...

Turned out alright to me. Of course several finishing touches are to be made but I'm confident...


  1. Figure and flag both look good. I've got a sick little one at home today as well. Although my lack of painting is my own fault.

  2. Excellent progress on these; seriously impressed with the Queen's colour. Hope the girls feel better soon.

  3. Hope the girls are better soon and brilliant painting by the way!

  4. Hope the girls get better...I worry about mine ALL the time. Great painting by the way.

  5. Nice miniature, although made by HäT. It surely looks great in a unit.