Monday, 21 May 2012

Posts lost...

Some of you might realize that the "Happy 50" post from last week is gone. So is my abstract for the next two posts concerning my (now finished) Napoleonic Line Infatry and a short tutorial about their flags...

When I was going over the posts I prepared over the last weeks I decided to abbondon some ideas. Struck with sudden blindness I clicked the wrong buttons and deleted some valuable articles and kept the trash...

However I'm working on the things and will try to post some news tomorrow. Just a short spoiler of what's to come:
- Presentation of the finished British Infantry
- Tutorial about my way of making Napoleonic flags
- Another "Monty on Tour" articles covering my visit at Militracks 2012 last weekend


  1. I obsessively back things up on my flashdrive because all it takes is a dropped elbow and everything is gone. Looks like you have some good things coming up for us in future though. I always appreciate tutorials.

  2. Sorry to hear that Monty it does happen, looking forward to the posts.......

  3. I am curious which photos (or videos?) you will choose to represent our great ride on the *beeeep* (don´t want to let the cat out which vehicle we took *gg*).