Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Announcing 15mm WRG tournament

Now for something completely different. That sounds a bit dangerous always but this very time it's just something hobby related that isn't my actual cup of tea. A club fellow of mine is member of the organising team of the upcoming WRG 6th Edition Team Championchip. He asked me to publish the invitation for his event and thus I give the floor to Kalle. Here we go:

Dear Wargamers,

you are all welcomed to the

German WRG 6th edition Team-Championship
weekend 24th to 25th of October in Braubach

  • The championship will be held at the gym of the local gymnastics club (TV), Stiftstr. 5 in Braubach near Koblenz.
  • You field your own 15mm army based according to WRG in either of the periods Ancients, Dark Ages or Medieval.
  • Three gamers will form a team representing all three periods.
  • If you are on your own, we will connect you with other gamers to form a team.
  • Admission for the weekend will be 25 € for gamers to be paid cash on the spot. Camp-followers are free of charge.
  • You and your camp-followers are invited to join a dinner on Saturday-night.
  • Your army-list will be cross-checked by PaulFrith[at]BCHA[dot]org[dot]uk .
  • Please send a short notice including the name of your team and/or the period, you will represent to karl-heinz[at]kieckers[dot]de as quickly as possible.
  • The deadline for both army-list and registration is the 11th October.

Looking forward to meet old friends as well as new faces
Johannes Müther / Karl-Heinz Kieckers

So far, so good. I hope for some of your might Kalle's invitation be interesting. Anyway please forward the news to your fellow gamers. Hopefully you'll have a good time in Braubach.