Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Back from Würzburg and to business

My apologies for being absent lately but we - meaning my three girls and me - spent a a couple of days with friends near Würzburg. It was a wonderful long weekend with wonderful hospitality, excellent weather and two interesting trips. One lead us to Marienberg Fortress and the other to the Bavarian Army Museum again. This time to visit an interesting exhibition about Napoleon and Bavaria. I'll post more about those trips soon but for now a small preview:
Yours truly trying a Bavarian helmet
But most of all let me thank you for the wonderful, helpful and kind feedback on those Desert Rats. As most of you suggested I'll mix a couple of colours for the shirts to break the uniformity subtly.

But during this week there's work to do for our Plancenoit project. Three ruins need some progress and half a dozen of French voltigeurs as well. And lately there have some troopers stormed my workbench which I have to finish... Stay tuned!