Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tommies finished !

Finally I found the time to finish the six WW1 Tommies that were lurking around my painting table for a while. Actually they were the counterweight to the terrain piece I'm working on for our presentation game at Crisis 2015 but they're bringing my WW1 collection forward to their completion in 2016 or 2017. We'll see...

But now for the boys:

All six miniatures are from Great War Miniatures wonderful WW1 range. The proportions are really good and the poses are very dynamic. Excellent pieces by the sculptor who is - as far as I know - Aly Morrison. The paint them I used Vallejo Model Colours and some advice of helpful Mark Hargreaves of 'Over open sights' frame. His painting guides proves extremely helpful and Mark proved to by a kind and patient fellow. Many thanks to him!

However with those boys my collection rose to 16 painted models and sooner or later I could aim for a platoon sized game. We'll probably use Bolt Action since the system is very popular in our gaming group but with a couple of special rules for WW1 I presume.

Besides that the interior of my ruins are taking shape. The plank floor for the smaller one is nearly finished and the storeys for the larger one are in progress as well:

But for now please don't forget to have a look at the Google+ community dedicated to 'Paint Table Saturday'.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Those Tommies look the business Stefan!

  2. Love your splendid Tommies sir!

  3. Cracking stuff Monty. Those Tommies are outstanding and its good to hear things are progressing on the ruins front as well.

  4. They look great Stefan, well done that man.

  5. Excellent work on these guys Monty!

  6. Great work on the Tommies and the ruin is shaping up nicely.

  7. Many thanks for your numerous and kind comments. They're very encouraging and I'll gladly proceed with the projects and let you know my progress.


  8. Excellent work Stefan. Really nice miniatures.

  9. Very nice work. Lee, one of my regular WWI opponents fields a lot of these chaps.