Sunday, 9 August 2015

Paint Table Sunday - Another Ruin and some Tommies

Actually I was busy enough with sorting about 500 pictures from our recent trip to Celle but besides I started some new workpieces yesterday:
Namely it's another ruin from the wonderful range of Stronghold Terrain. Mirco and Elmar presented it on Tactica this February and I was lucky enough to grap one of the pre-release kits they brought. Once again a wonderful kit of a severely battered building. Architecturally it's rather versatile. My piece will serve as part of our Plancenoit game on Crisis this November and afterwards I'll add it to my WW1 / WW2 collection after I finished the interior details with kitchen and water closet.

But besides the large area paintjob I wanted to have some detail work as well. Fittingly a friend of mine revived my efforts for the WW1 range of Great War Miniatures. We're planning to setup some game with altered Bolt Action rules but for that I'll need some more painted Tommies. Thus I put six of those brave sons of the Empire onto my painting table to see them coloured as soon as possible.

That's enough for now. Dear Mrs Monty and me have the unique chance to go to the cinema this midday and thus I have to hurry now, since we have to bring the girls to my parents previously. Unfortunately they show nothing else than the Minion at the cinema that early but never mind.

Enjoy your Sunday as well !


  1. Glad to have you back and I hope the holidays went well.

    1. Even better. :-)
      It's always nice to stay with the family but our trip to Celle really crowned it.