Friday, 12 June 2015

Tribute to Sir Christopher Lee - May he rest in peace.

Yesterday an incredibly sad message reached us. Sir Christopher Lee passed away on 7th June. He was one of the great British actors I grew up with and the more I think of his roles the more I remember which void he leaves.

For the older ones he was Dracula, Frankenstein's creature, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Fu Man Chu or Scaramanga. For the younger ones he was Saruman and Count Dooku.

For me he Christopher Lee was all that and much more. A incredibly well educated actor and man of the world. Besides his wonderful acting talent he spoke several languages (e. g. German), was an excellent bass singer, commited himself for several charity organisations and behaved like a calm, unagitated and noble person beyond comparison.

Honestly I will miss him as a great personality that accompanied me during my whole previous life. May Sir Christopher rest in peace.

Let me share some of his lesser-known performances as singer or narrator:

'Treebeard's Song'

'Name your poison' from
'The Return of Captain Invincible'

'Ghost Rider in the Sky'

'The Magic of the Wizard's Dream'

'The Raven'

Take some time and enjoy those great performances of one of the greatest actors of our age.


  1. A great tribute. He will be missed. RIP.

  2. Fine story.
    Versatile actor, and in most cases "the bad boy"...

    Lee volunteered to fight for the Finnish forces during the Winter War in 1939.
    He and other British volunteers were kept away from actual fighting, but they were issued winter gear and were posted on guard duty a safe distance from the front lines. After a fortnight, they returned home.

  3. A very talented man indeed.
    Thank you for all the fun Sir Christopher

  4. A splendid and fitting post, well done Stefan.