Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Preparing for Waterloo 2015 - Three days left

Actually there's no need to tell you that tomorrow one of the most important battle in European history has its 200th anniversary. For the last months we historically interested fellows have been supplied with new books, miniatures and games about the battle of Waterloo but this weekend the ceremonies will reach their climax. At the battlefield site a great reenactment event will take place and thousands of enthusiasts will recreate stages of the battle.
Official Waterloo 1815 - 2015 picture. Find more information here.
As far as I know the event has been sold out for a long time but luckily we bought our tickets already in January. Unfortunately we weren't able to find affordable accomodation so we'll do a one-day trip to Waterloo. The starting pistol for me will be fired around 06.00 a.m. Then I'll head to Krefeld and pick up my fellows Holger and Bernhard. Then we'll see what Belgium offers and how the Waterloo 2015 event will be.
Anyway we have tickets for the bivouacs as well as for the re-enactment show in the evening so we'll have a full day of Napoleonic madness and after the successful counter attack of the British (Now Maitland. Now is your time!) we'll head home.
'Now Maitland ! Now is Your Time!' by T. J. Baker
You see there's an exhausting day pending. But I'm really keen on the trip and hoping for good weather and not too many problems with parking etc. However therefore I'll not be able to present this weeks Paint Table Saturday but be sure on Sunday or at the latest at the beginning of next week I'll have a couple of pictures for you.

Who else will be at Waterloo on Saturday?

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  1. The site was pretty hectic already as I visited it today to see it without having to be stuck with the massive crowds this coming weekend. Hopefully you'll be able to get there without too much of a fuss! I'm going to be there for both the French Attack and the British counter-attack. Should be a very interesting weekend!